25 January 2014 @ 12:58 am

Sho Sakurai,
I adore your intelligence and your charismatic personality..How you handle with your own self-management really made me gave my respect to yourself...Such a diligent person you are Sho-kun...I'm delighted you're part of Arashi and act as a MOTHER to the other four. The moment when you look at the members' stupid jokes and mistakes, you're just laughed..earnestly laughing...That was the moment I anticipating the most; the covered-mouth-sometimes-hand clapping-way of laugh ;D I love to see your interaction with Riida..the person you often called by his first name; Satoshi-kun. Proudly to say I'm a fan of YAMA pair just because you're both respect each other and even wanted to portray each other personality. You're a rapper of Arashi and your rap is inspiring me a lot ;) Thank You SHO SAKURAI and a Happy 32nd Birthday to you! ;D

On the other hand, I wont be LJ-ing for the next three months. A hiatus I would say? My practicum is starting in 2 days time and around those three months I'm certain my real life would be really hectic. From teaching ---> assignment ----> action research back to teaching ---> assignment ---> action research again. What a busy cyclical life! No time for entertainment and absolutely no time for sleep as well. Seriously. LJ would be out of my life system for awhile...That also means no more ARASHI... no more flailing.. no more fangirling with other LJ-friends...no more Rainbow land...Refrain myself from fangirling in these three months is considered as the ravages of time. Leaving this fandom for three months..hmmm...with heavy-hearted is the one I couldn't avoid what with this year is Arashi 5x15, uwaaa..I'm going to miss lots of Arashi news within this period of three months. Well, I've to accept the fact that this year is my final year and it's going to be challenging. Sometimes we need to sacrifice something for our own benefits right? Yeah. So long Rainbow land. You'll be missed. Jya minna, sayonara...I'll see you in May, perhaps?


Current Mood: sad
Current Music: 嵐 - スケッチ | Powered by Last.fm
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