07 June 2014 @ 04:26 am
Oh dear, ARAFES'13 is just so...  
eyy-meii-ziing!  It's true that it did not make any differences with the previous Arafes's song list but after rewatched the concert for few times, I knew ARAFES'13 was so perfect ;p. The corners that each members produced was such a brilliant idea and that was something we as a fan should be proud of ;D. In this post, I shall present you who is my most favourite corner and some other things in the concert to which it succeeded in winning my heart ;)

This is my most favourite corner. Sho! you received my high five. Exchanging raps among the members was the best thing ever to listen & to watch. Oh, it's funny too yet it's rare right? So much moment during exchanging raps happened and this moment, I put it in gifs below. Let the gifs explained why Sho deserved my high five!

Hip hop boogie wasn't my fave solo but I enjoyed his performance though. Anything to do with head banging/swaying and put-your-hand-up-in-the-air; I'm on! The movement below, I admired it.

Cool &Soul
This song is not my cup of tea but seriously in ARAFES'13, the performance is too Cool not to take our Soul. I mean, who wouldn't pull into their coolness right? Oh come on, from the early song itself they've already showed us with all the coolness they've got! Evidences as below~~

As expected from Sho who really did a dazzling corner from where the five portrayed all the coolness to the audiences. Cool Sho, cool! I was totally fixed my eyes on their faces for the reason none other than to find their coolness. haha..

And this just enough for me to gawk. Gosh, Nino's head swaying was so tempting and his laid back posture..I just can't >.<

Then, came the epic one when Sho made a first step on the table and the rest follow suit! Wow, coolness right?
                                                                 Arashi is COOL!
Need I say more about their coolness in COOL&SOUL? No, I supposed. xD

A Day in Our Life
The moment of awesomeness. A day in our life- I always love the voice combination of Juntoshi in singing their lines and the SakuAiMiya took charge of the raps but when they Sho exchanged their roles, the differences made the love went double! It's new and the fresh feeling could be felt.

See how Juntoshi really done their best in rapping~~                  SakuAiMiya won my heart with their passion. ;)

and Nino did well with "dadidadada.." "whoa...yeahh...whoa2" kind of sound to which Ohno always did at the end of the song. So Nino, well done!

Lucky Man
This song had me giggled with the members raps. So much win. Thank you Sho for let them doing the raps and yes, Sho you've created a rare situation for us, the fan to make this moment to be remembered.

 Mazu wa Nino~~                                                                  Next was Matsujun~~
He lost his breath at the end of his rapping..lol            I loved the way he raps ;) Matsujun can do raps yo!

Sugite wa Aibachan onegaishimasu~~                                 Save the best for last with Ohno's raps.
Aiba's "han...da" had me chuckled &                     Ohno is being Ohno and I love whatever he did in rapping. Period.
the same went for Nino's "han...na".
Well, this part really need you to hold your breath....

Meikyuu Love Song
The song was endearing and the one that caught my eyes and heart was this...
                          Like I said whatever Ohno did, I love it. Oh how I love to see Sho's laugh in this gif <3
Aiba's corner is in the second place! Hello Goodbye made it! Yeay!!  My favourite solo from Aiba and that was the reason why I voted Hello Goodbye last time. Glad the vote counted in! I had mentioned in my previous post that I wanted to see something when it came to this song.
                                                 Aiba's playing a harmonica is forever loved.

This guy was totally enjoyed his own performance..Seeing him running, doing little jumping and rising up his hands to the melody made me wondered as to why this guy was so extraordinary happy? I thought that this could be the reason though ---> hellogbye when the other four sang and danced to his song. To be honest, I was overwhelmed with this sudden appearances of the four. Nearly put tears in my eyes.

It killed me when Subarashi Sekai was next. In actuality, this song was my wish list to be sung by these guys again in a concert and I was so relieved when my vote counted in once again. ;)  Yet, I have a strong emotional effect when the song was accompanied by variety of beautiful sand art making. It was definitely captivating ;D Tears? Don't mention about tears because it nearly shed. ;p
J is the third in line! DJxMJ again is much anticipating. It was fantastic when the songs were in the remix state. Jun, you're awesome and the DJ-ing skills of yours should be acknowledged. He was so immersed in Dj-ing and couldn't careless with what the oldest four were doing. lol
See, the oldest four were goofing around while the youngest one was so serious with his DJ-ing. ;p
Ahhh, now came his Shake It! What do you expect from a concert master? Of course his solo as stunning as always. I'm getting red cheeks when watching his solo. haha..I was quite okay with the shirt stripping but this particular movement

too much hips swaying, don"t you think?
had me face palm.Total embarrassment attacked! I was aware with this compulsory movement but I think he put extras sexy swaying for this time around. Luckily, I was watching it alone ;p

Nino came after ;)  He's a total brat who knew earlier that he would be so embarrassed with his "Himitsu" performance and dragged the other four to appear in his solo too but with the animal mascots costume so that he was not faced the embarrassment alone xD. Nevertheless, thanks to you Nino because it made your solo full of dorkiness and cuteness!
That moment when Nino came to the rescue when Ohno's nearly exposed himself <3

Nino's solo in Still was beautiful. Little did I expect Nino will start the song and end the song with his solo lines. It was perfect and I love it.

Ohno came in last. He's my bias but I found his corner was a normal performance compared to the other four. But somehow he did his best in producing the "Mysterious" corner and I should congratulate him. I was so happy for "Take Me Faraway" to be sung again by his angelic voice but I did not enjoy much this time around. I wonder why...whenever it came to Ohno's solo, I preferred the camera to focus on his face and his dance movements for me to really feel his angelic voice rather than an overall view of the stage but to my dismay, for this time of "Take Me Faraway" it did not happen. So frustrated. Oh no, Ohchan you're not the one should be blamed but the cameramen-san should. lol.The cameramen-san should focus more on Ohno's face especially when he hit the high notes. I found camera-san quite missed few shots of Ohno when he hits high notes.

So heartbroken when the awaiting "Itsumademo..!!" was not captured properly...

*Done reviewing on their own corner and lets move to some miscellaneous moments that captured my heart ;)
The scene
Releasing a blu-ray version was a grateful for the fan. I had been so enthralled by the the good quality scene that the camera captured. The penlights, the stage lighting, the fireworks, the fountains, the background video and the audiences all could be seen clearly. The gifs below were some scenes that I found beautiful and astonish.

The fan services.
I knew Arashi fan services during concert was the best. Arashi realized that this would be their last concert at Kokuritsu so I noticed that they gave extra fan services. All members were really put their effort to notice the audiences. I was so happy to see that they did their best in waving, running, showing peace sign to the audiences. As expected, their fan services never failed me. I wish I was one of the audience. Yeah, keep dreaming.. ;)
Their antics.
For this case, I gif-ed Ohba a.k.a The Tennen Pair.
                                                Just because they are the perfect airhead combi!

and not forget the psycho rapper ;p

Psycho Sho is psycho...

and finally how I realized Jun was cute with cap ;)

The lighting behind him made him a perfect diva with cap!


Ja, mata ne...
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[identity profile] hanamys.livejournal.com on June 8th, 2014 06:15 pm (UTC)
HI syahidah!^_^..ohisashiburi-des!how was ur holiday? ^_^

I love on how u describe the arafes'13 concert..it was so much detail..there were so many moments that enthralled you!saikou!

Actually,i was quite surprised when you ranked oh chan as the last one..but I agree with you..his corner (myterious)was normal...nothing extraordinary..the impact was moderate compared to the other four but still his effort should be praised kn :)

And Aiba's song was so interesting right? as all the members appeared!his song was normal but when he performed along with other members it totally looked heartwarming and joyful..like you said, 'seeing him running, doing little jumping and rising up his hands to the melody made me wondered as to why this guy was so extraordinary happy?' he himself that make the song enjoyable and contagious..as we were infected by his 'cheerful' aura..this 'tennen' man never fail to make me laugh!you know..because of his performance in this cons,,i make up my mind to choose him my niban :P..hehe..nino is the third and sho is the last (gomen sho :P)and my ichiban of course are jun and ohno!haha..(tetibe!)lari topik! XD

And the miscellaneous moments were tanoshi desu ne!i'm agree with you especially.. the fountains..subarashi desu ne? i dont't knw why..but i really love the 'nagareru' fountains!maybe the impact of the pf of 5x10's song was so teary to the point that make the lump in my throat T_T

you described it so well..ur writing was excellent!*thumbs up* :)..Anyway i think it's not too late to say happy holiday!enjoy it to the fullest!;) ^_^..hehe

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[identity profile] chackjayohno.livejournal.com on June 9th, 2014 03:18 am (UTC)
Hye Yana!! *waves happily* hisashiburi~~
Holiday was always the same with Arashi-filling of course! xde keje lain kan..lol
Thank you so much for leaving your comments ;)
Yes, memang byk sgt moment yg best2...seronok btul! haha

Surprised to see Ohchan in last rank? Yeah, me too! No, actually, he's corner was great but the members were doing sth extra that made his corner's seemed normal to me. No worries he's always number one rank in my heart ;D

Yeay, Aiba is your niban now~~ Congratulations!! Who doens't love Aiba right? Whatever stupid things he did, he's always received love from everyone. Aiba brings happiness to us~~

Fountains and fireworks are the must in Arashi's concert. Beautiful as always no matter what kind of setting they put the fountains on.

Thanks once again yana for leaving your comments ;)
Yes, lets enjoy our holiday while it lasts~~

P/s: Did you go to the screening? How was it?

[identity profile] hanamys.livejournal.com on June 9th, 2014 09:40 am (UTC)
u're welcome..:)..i just love ur writing..u're very good in describing plus ur language and vocab are superb :)love it! :D

yup..aiba will be my niban from now on..actually at first i contemplated to choose it as my niban..but after so much much seeing his tennen side without getting embarrassed,i make up my mind to choose him plus i love his breathy voice..which i feel it it so rare..XD..but i think in the end i will just love all of them equally..hehe :P

The screening? sadly, i don't go..i had to cancel it as ..my grandma buat kenduri arwah kt kg,melaka..plus there were wedding invitation to be attended mase date tu...i hve no choice..xpela maybe next screening?klu xde pape..maybe i will ask my little sister to accompany me since at that time she just finished her course..love cons maybe..hope we can join it together XD..the more the merrier kn?

before i forget..congrats to yati for her wedding send my regards to her!it was quite surprising for me XD..hehe and u change ur layout! simple and eye catching!;)

p/s and i wanna ask..what do u buy for waku2 goods? ..i'm just interested in tote bag and group clearfile?how abut u?u buy it from whom,is it frm cbs?

once again..happy holiday!^_^
[identity profile] chackjayohno.livejournal.com on June 9th, 2014 02:10 pm (UTC)
hahah..mne ader byk grammatical errors tu ;p kinda hard to find the suitable words to describe the moments..tp main type je sbnarnya.. btw,thank you yana. ;)

kan? I wasn't so much into Aiba on my early days of fandom. But when I watched his antics on their variety shows, I found naturally airhead was his charm. Buat la apepon org sumer ska ;) I loved to watch Aiba Manabu where I found his true personality there. I liked seeing him doing the homework, devoting so much to accomplish everything he assigned to and sometimes being bullied by the other two co-hosts was not his primary issue, xheran pon, marah pon tak, redha je si Aiba nih..heheh. The part that captured my heart when he was so passionate in digging for bamboo shoots; his expertise. Nmpk mcm dlu zaman kecik2 mesti Aiba nih hero kg..ahah..You should watch the ep in which he guided Ohno in finding the bamboo shoots ;)Suka sangat kalo tennen pair bergabung! His voice? Is my favourite after Ohno..eh2..ye ke? sometimes I changed his voice rank with Nino's that's why I couldn't choose between him and Nino. Even so, his breathy voice is so much loved. So I guess, Aiba is in the second place..lol..but Nino is good when he's hitting the high notes and Aiba breathy voice best for the slow, happy song.. So, both fit the second place kot! See, Im having the trouble to choose again..Apekah? xD

How I wish I want to go~~Yes, I've also needed to attend lots of kenduri at that particular date. I have many relatives in KL but the problem is I don't have the transportation to go to the venue..Segan plak nk pnjam my reatives' car..;p Yeah, me too hopefully we can go together ;)

Sure, I'll send yours to her later ;) Hahah..kalut sgt dgn prcticum, AR, exam everything tu yg dya xsempat nk jemput all the J-TESL..Gomen on her behalf *bows 90 degree* ;)

Thank you Yana ;) You know that header image above is one of my favourite photo of them..Seeing them linking shoulders and smiled happily are the happiest thing..and not to mention how J's staring dearly to Ohno ;p Juntoshi is loved~

Sadly, I'm not buying the waku-waku goods. The problem is I don't know which address I should write for the postage. My mom's office wouldn't do anymore...Home address was surely impossible since nobody's staying home on the daylight..I was thinking to ask my father's permission to kindly let me use his office's address but ah, I reconsider it..takut dya marah..tp mesti kna tnya jga utk con goods..nti2lah..haha..At the end, I had to forget the waku2 goods but Yana, that tote bag is simple yet beautiful kan..geraam tgok...beli la beli la..haha I think you should check the prices once again between the shopping site especially the service charge since cbs has risen up its services fees ;) Make wise comparisons with other site ne ;)

Edited 2014-06-09 02:16 pm (UTC)
[identity profile] hanamys.livejournal.com on June 9th, 2014 04:45 pm (UTC)
haha..u're welcome :D

i also like nino's voice especially when he sang'niji' and sore wa yappari' those two songs are my fav!yup..he just like oh chan..really good in high pitching note!that bratty man also very talented..so no wonder u in dilemma btw those two..aimiya is so much loved kn !suke tgok bile nino kenekan aiba!

em..honestly Syahidah, I never watch any single ep of Aiba's show..juz tgok preview kt himitsu je..sbb mase tu mne minat sgt..asyik tgok jun je tau:p..hehe:)..so i'm kinda blurred when u tell me about that..nntla slow2...XD..bamboo ep with ohno?where do u dwnload it..tbe2 nk tgok plak :P..cam bes je !:)

hehe..yup..i realised upon seeing ur header image..i love it..it really portray well their close bond kn plus juntoshi image make me smile..i really love that pairing!comeyh! ^_^

eh xla x kesah pon psal yati tu.actually i'm quite impress with Yati..she managed to handle her wedding amidst of practicum,ar and exam!sugoi!if me..gler kot, serabut :P ..Omedou to her! ne :)

eh i think ur father would not mind..i was just like u..mule2 mmg tkut kene mara..but it turn out that my father x kesah pon siap nk bag kad address office dier lag sbb tkut yana slah address :P da cmtu..mybe for the nxt cons goods i will just use his office address je..pnat2 je slame ni gne almat mktb :P..same like u klu gne home address xde spe..but syahidah,if u want to buy that tote bag..don't suppress it..juz go ahead and buy it!hehe :P nnt asyik pk je..hehe:P

yup..about the goods i realised that cbs sell it quite expensive as well as jp je..alahai..beg yg hrge 50 jad 80-90 ..wht the heck..too much for me.tgokla..pk2..beg waku2 yg dlu tu pon bru strt gne..tap beg tu mmg cntik!i love the rainbow colour!yup..u're right..i also like u..nk bli ke x nk..mule2 xnk..lpas tu nk plak .haha..tgokla cmne nnti..x confirm lag..tu yg tnye syahidah tu..:)btw,Thank you for the reminder ne :)

Good nite :)

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(no subject) - (Anonymous) on June 9th, 2014 05:24 pm (UTC) Expand
[identity profile] hanamys.livejournal.com on June 9th, 2014 06:08 pm (UTC)
'bout aiba's show..if u hve that..ok i'll take it..mls plak nk dnload :P..ok after holiday ;)

haha..yup..it's morning already..ok sleep tight ne ;)