04 August 2014 @ 10:20 pm
L.O.V.E.L.O.V.E.L.O.V.E.L.O.V.E.L.O.V.E. These five times word of L.O.V.E did not give a fair share to describe how astonished the concert was. Oh my, ARAFES '13 was incredibly awesome and Arashi made a confident move to prove how great they were in producing a yet another incredible concert after ARAFES '13. Fuuuhh~~LOVE concert was beyond amazing. It was an uber-fantastic concert I would say. They were few things for me to say why it was such a super-duper-well-performed-concert-ever ;)

The intro

It kicked off with a wink by the members and I smiled and dare to wink back. LOL. No, I'm just kidding although I really wanted to ;p Then, here came the VTR of the "WHAT IS LOVE?" The VTR that succeeded to have me smiling like a happy crazy fangirl.
*Sho with his douitashimashite way of pronouncing is forever adored*                   *Ohno's walking gracefully towards me his lady*

*Bratty Nino's smiling to a bouquet of roses?*                                                           *Yasashi Aiba is helping the elder*
                                                                 *MachoJun is running to propose to his love*

Playing the story-based VTR was an appreciable idea! Little did I expect the VTR would tell the story of their own solo.
Then, the overture of "Ai wo Utaou" started. Oh, what a great opening Arashi-san!

The dance moves
Confusion dance moves were more like formations. Something like a marching band formations except there were no musical instruments but just five adorable men putting on their white outfit together with their red-coloured back dancers.
I couldn't figure out what formations they were trying to form but it was beautiful and well-formed.
Not to mention, this movement amused me. I was grinning from ear to ear by watching these five enjoying their choreo with the juniors.

Intergalactic choreography left me breathless. Arashi with their precise robotic moves really put me in awe. Those blue-yellow tight outfits made it a perfect attire for those movement.

Intergalactic also presented us with a formation to which I believed they were forming  an "X" shape and a square. Again, it was splendid, well-organized and neat. These formations are creative. Kudos to Arashi and their choreographer for thinking these movements. *Double thumbs up*.
In addititon, I noticed Step and Go moves were also different than the usual one. Just let riida showed the move I meant.
                                                                             *Ohno doing moonwalk like he owns the moon* haha

Shortly after Monochrome, they performed some dances which made me almost swooned. Who could bare those movements right? The combination of Arashi+golden outfit+arms and muscles revealing. Tsk...tsk...Anybody would swoon or at least screaming! xD

The scenes and the effects
 Arashi is famous with their concert effects. Words could not describe how breathtaking the scenery and how remarkable the effects were. Let the gifs do the talking
*The penlights are stunning with five rainbow coloured*                 *The flowers globe is enchanting and when it opened up... the appearance of those                                                                                                                                carpeted flowers and the five-coloured balloons..uwaa~~
                                                              *Galaxy to the intergalactic? Creative~~*

Arashi kakkoii-ness

*Didn't they look good?*
Everyone did look good in this concert. I meant not like their previous concert they did not,  but there must be one or two persons e.g: with the bad hair, but not for LOVE, they were h-a-n-d-s-o-m-e and s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g. I was not sure whether the lighting effect played the greatest role in unleashing their kakkoii-ness but heck, they were indeed looked attractive! Let me showed you how good-looking they were~~
*Just because Ohno's hair cut is attractive enough for me to squeal.             *Just because Sho's hair is too long just enough for it to bounce elegantly.
Falling in love with this ojisan once again ;p                                                     Been wondering whether Sho's already using Essential shampoo before
Seriously, this haircut is my fave after Maou*                                                    he doing that CM. Lol                                    

*Just because Aiba with his neat haircut & his glowing face is perfect*             *Just because Nino's always looked cute no matter what kind of hairstyle he had*                                                                                                                                    
            *Just because Jun with his perfect gel hair-combed back and that winter coat added more to his charming*

They wouldn't call a LOVE concert without showing the love explicitly..lol. Too much member love and pairings that were too cute to handle. Arashi you guys were too good in satisfying those OTP lovers ;D
              *Yama for the way~~*                                               *Sakuraiba everyone~~Nice pats on the butt Aiba-chan..lol*

                 *Juntoshi is loved~~*                                                      *Sakumiya is getting hyped up* ;p

*Matsumiya is getting closer without noticing slightly                            *The tennen combi of Ohba is always tennen*
jealous Ohno on behind*

The solos
For a starter, I had to revealed that I love all of their solo performances.

I love his solo song when the album came out just because his voice is seductive and deep. When he performed "Sugar and Salt", woowoowee~~ I liked it. He did deliver his song and its good they were not many of the back dancers so I can see Sho danced pretty much alone.

This ojisan knew that he had disappointing me with his ARAFES '13 "Take me Faraway" so he made his redemption with an outstanding "Hit the Floor" performance. The moment he walked on the lobby on the VTR shown-I put my hand on my mouth so as to restrain from screaming, the moment he approached that lady with a beautiful smile of his-I pressed my lips together and curious who the lady was ;p, the moment he started dancing and singing...okay, I could not bare it and started called Satoshi~~..haha..crazy fangirl xD That Satoshi guy surely can make my heart beat faster. Okay, Satoshi you have my standing ovation over your solo. *clap clap while standing*.
Nino solo was cute. I was not into his solo song when the album came out but he performed it well with the guitar. He seemed enjoyed with his solo.
The same case with Nino, not my favourite solo song but when he performed, *bam*, it always fantastic with the fireworks and what not. As expected from the concert master. Dancing with a tuxedo on was a thumbs up for J!


My favourite solo of all when the album came out. Aiba-kun, I can totally feel your sadness when you're performing the song. You were great in controlling with your emotion though I could sense that you seemed to cry when you're singing but you hold it right. I nearly got teary-eyed when he's performing. So much emotions involve under the breathy voice of Aiba.

The songs

-Sayonara no ato de
This version of Sayonara no ato de was really overwhelming. The dance moves in the middle of the song with the harmonization of "pabpababpab" have me admiring this version. The melody and the dance moves felt like the surrounding was very peaceful. This song was endearing and when Arashi made this version, I straightly smiled. Oh yes, I remembered the sound of water rippling from this version. I'm not sure but the sound effect suited with this song.
                                                                 *Bonus of Nino's ripple effect. Beautiful~~*
-Rock Tonight

Arashi had a really fun time singing this. With a montage of their chibi pictures, they were singing and goofing around. The spark of member-ai can be watched lots here by OTP lovers ;) and the best moment was when they were getting ready to take a photograph.

*Just look at the not ready santa Ohno, a ready giving peace pose of santa Jun, too much determination of deer Sho and none other than too funny Christmas tree of Aiba and oh, that too cute Nino passport pic on the upper right corner..lol
-Monochrome and Paradox
Welcome to Arashi gate of sexiness! Seriously, starting from Monochrome to Paradox, it was all about Arashi being sexy, hot and seductive. Such a brilliant idea to pair up Arashi with a chair. Please let them befriend with the chair because the result is greater than best friend.. lol..What nonsense I'm talking about? haha..No, really, Arashi can make used of chairs very well. Please rewatch Face Down pv and you know what I meant.. xD

*Everyone in Arashi knows how to handle a chair especially Nino ;p*
Paradox performance was sensual and passionate. Again the combination of Arashi+golden outfit+arms and muscles revealing would led to faint and kyaa-ing ;D. In this performance, Arashi's alluring us with...
                    *Nino didn't show his muscles because he can show way better than that--->nino-butt-swaying-is-tempting...*

*Sho's seductive rap is coming to get you~~*

*Not enough of Nino-but swaying? Well, here goes more~~with Aiba on the side*

*These four walking ruggedly with those muscles...urghh..*nose bleed*
Arashi with the joint collaboration of fans dancing funky. It was impressive ;) The waves too was pretty with the penlights on.
-Ai wo utaou
The epic song which caught my heart right away by the first listening. The globe..wow..no words. It was just so pretty. I can assume Arashi seemed really glad to perform this song because I can see they're singing wholehearted so as they wanted to deliver the lyrics very well. I was moved by this performance.The "Hey ima omoi no mama ni..Hey..ai wo utaou" that being repeated few times before the song ended was captivating.

So, LOVE was really a winning concert. The creativity can be depicted through all the effects they've been used. They deserved the compliments. Otsukare! To these five men...

For performing such an enchanting concert called LOVE...Arigato!

Oh and I L.O.V.E you five!
Ja, matane
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