15 September 2014 @ 06:28 pm
Celebrating 15 Years of Arashi!  
Arashi made it for their 15th years in industry and always stay strong like a storm. Wow, 15th years guys!! A long haul I would say ;D
In 15 years, they became from thiscats to this

Four years ago, I never acknowledged the existence of Arashi. Prior to this, I wasn't there for 5x5 & 5x10 anniversaries. All thanks go to Nino & Ohno (Maou yeah!!) for pulling me into the fandom. So, able to celebrate their 5x15 as a fan is a happiness. No, it's more than that, it's a satisfaction and a fulfilment. ;)
In commemorations of their 15th Anniversary, words of dedication are written for each of the members, as a token of gratitude?..lol

Satoshi Ohno, a part-time fisherman, a tennen sometimes, a space-out guy, a painter, a sculptor, a great actor, singer & dancer, a peculiar choreographer and importantly, a riida of Arashi. Though you aren't acted like one, I'm really thankful for your existense ;D I like how you lead the other four in your own way. Yes, Ohno...everyhting you have done in this 15 years as Arashi's members, I approved & loved it..Except for the scandals part..hahah..Nah, you're Arashi's secret weapon right? Having you in Arashi is a blessed not just for me, the fans, but for the other members as well (oh, for Yama, Ohmiya, Ohba, Juntoshi shippers too!) Seriously, your sharp dance moves and your heavenly voice connect all Arashi fans, they give their respect because of that! You seldom utter a word but once you started talking, wise sentences are articulated. One of your qoutes; "No one is born a genius, just keep on doing what you like and that itself is a talent" is always being my most favourite qoute of all time and I surely will hold to that ;D Indeed, Ohno, you're a man with many talents. How lucky you are and yet you're still humble just because you want the fans to see you simply as a person rather than a talented idol. Because of that I love you Satoshi! <3

Sho Sakurai, an intelligent Keio boy, a smart newscaster, an incredible host, a full-time acrophobic, a great actor, and to be precise, a rapper of Arashi. How I glad that you're not quitting Arashi due to your studies. Arashi's spokeperson is you, Sho and I admire the way you're trying very hard to explain to the people out there in regards with Arashi. I appreciated your sense of responsibility in taking care of the other four. You're Arashi's mother right? So its part of your job ne...Truly, you're man with a life plan. Schedule is your best friend. Even each of the members' appointments with the dentist are also in your hands.lol. As expected. What a great mother are you? I really loved your raps,Sho! Especially those one in Pikanchi Double, Step and Go, Believe, Cosmos and Ai wo Utaou. Your raps are inspiring yet beautiful. Hope in the years to come, you will never fail to produce good raps ;D

Masaki Aiba, a crybaby, an animal lover, a good sense of humour, a full-time tennen, a clumsy, a great actor and truly a mood maker of Arashi. To be honest, I wasn't into you at the early years of my fandom. However, after watching all your antics and your natural tennen in the variety shows, I gradually liking you. Who doesn't love Aiba right? He's lovable and everyone will gradually to like him sooner or later. Having watched all the A no Arashi eps, reminded me that you're a genuine airhead.You always wanted to prove yourself right while the other members wanted to prove yourself wrong. haha. I cannot imagine Arashi without Aibaka ;p Aibachan, you're the sunshine in the group and having you is a dosage of happiness.

Kazunari Ninomiya, a full-time gamer, a part-time magician, an excellent lyricist, a skilled gutarist, a great pianist, an awesome actor, a forever 17 guy, and best of all, a brat of Arashi. In the first place, I have fallen into your cuteness! I did not know this cute guy have such talents. Despite your cuteness, there's that, the wicked tongue of yours...How ironic~~ I enjoyed when you always touched picked on riida. I always laughed when you never fail to bully Aiba. These two are the forever victims of your sharp tongue. I love it when you're performed with the guitar and the piano. It's like you're really give your all when there is a musical intrument to perform with. Oh, how thankful I am when you contribute yourself in making the lyrics for 5x5 and 5x10 special songs, along with other members. But I believed you played the greatest role ne ;)

Jun Matsumoto, a stoic, a hottie, a mascot lover, a perfectionist, a fashionista, a girl's bait, an amazing actor and above all, an idea man of Arashi. To tell the truth, you're my least favourite members...at first! but then I realised that among the five, you're the one who is matured the most! Who is always thought rationally and logically for the sake of Arashi. It was because of your acting in HANADAN that brought Arashi into the limelight. After all, you're Arashi's concert master deshou? All of your ideas are extraordinary and to the point that it has been acknowledged by most of Johnny's fans. You're the youngest but you're dependable, Jun!
With that, Happy 15th Anniversary, Arashi Minnasan!

Congratulations!! Yes, you guys have reached 15 years and lots of things have changed throughout this 15 years. Even so, there is one thing that I do hope you guys will never change for the whole lots of years...

*That you guys always keep on being the five dorks is much appreciated* ;D

Well, as a usual, celebrating their 15th Anniversary with an appropriate wallpaper~~lol

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Ja, mata ne
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http://imconan.livejournal.com/[identity profile] imconan.livejournal.com on September 15th, 2014 01:30 pm (UTC)
Whoaa, I love your messages to each members..

"You seldom utter a word but once you started talking, wise sentences are articulated." this is why I love Satoshi ^^

"Your raps are inspiring yet beautiful" Sho's rap lyrics are awesome ^^

[identity profile] chackjayohno.livejournal.com on September 15th, 2014 02:21 pm (UTC)
Yes, myself is also surprised how did I manage to express my gratitude for them ;p btw, thank you Im~~

Oh yes, that's one of Satoshi's charm ;D Love to read those mags' interview which features Ohno, there are lots of wise words he uttered ;)

And your Sho is really great in producing raps! It's beyond awesome~~ ;D

Oh, now I noticed that you're complimenting Yama!! haha Yama for the way~~

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http://imconan.livejournal.com/[identity profile] imconan.livejournal.com on September 16th, 2014 01:33 am (UTC)
I don't know how to express my feelings so I wrote general wish only haha..Yeah Yama is love ^^