Yeay! Yesterday was the released day of The Digitalian. The Digitalian? Huh..What?? That's my reaction when they announced the album's name. Man, there's no English word for that. Arashi and the random word chosen is a ha-ha. Now, since we fans are aware that the music concepts are more to the digital-side, techno, auto tune, rave music and what else? I'm sucked in stating the music genre. Lol. Well, everyone has different music taste and I'm quite okay with techno sounds because you see, I like Intergalactic. And to know Arashi's trying to bring a new fresh sense to their album with the digitali-sed concept, they should get the praise. Well, have to admit that it's difficult for my ears to handle those digital sounds but if you kept repeating the songs, it will slowly grow on you.

Now off to the review of my most favourite songs as well as the member's solo in the album.

1. Zero-G

This song is addictive. When Ohno's plays it on AD,  myself can't guarantee whether this song is going to be a hit but when I'm listening to the full version, there, I got hooked! Put aside the hips swaying/shaking because it's obviously addictive and let's us hear the chorus. That chorus that goes "Shake it, shake your body..." is not only addictive but lucid. It's easy to understand, to follow and to sing along ;D Because of the addictiveness of "Shake it, shake your body...",  I put it as my phone's ringtone..haha..By listening to the full song, I like it when Jun's singing "In your eyes...In your mind" and also Nino's "So I got it now" because that Matsumiya pair are trying really hard to act cool with their voices. I'm soo anticapting the full choreography for tomorrow's Msta. Seeing them dance in synced from the pv-making really put me in awe. Those bunch of 30s ossan stiil possesed the energy to dance sharply!

*Ohmiya can turn themselves from adorable to hotness human being*

*Purposely screen cap this part because I find Sho's eyes are beautiful xD*

2. Tell Me Why

The song that is everyone's favourite. Right after the music starts, I know this is going to be a sad song and I like Arashi's sad song. This song is full of emotions, full of feelings and Arashi did very well in delivering the song. How the music starts from a slow melody and continues to have a fast digital beat right at the chorus... that is something I called impressive. Really. Who can expect a sad song with a slow tempo at the beginning would end up to have a fast tempo at the chorus. Yes, the chorus got my double thumbs up because I can feel the sadness even without reading the translations. That little sakuraps interject in between the chorus depict the sad feels. In fact, was it Aiba and Jun? who sang the melancholy tune to which it resounds throughout the chorus. The blending voices of Junba reflect the pensive mood of the song. Overall, the chorus is full of sorrowful thoughts.

Nino, man, I love his solo part when there's a silence moment before he continues singing. From that, I can hear his singing voice that is very clear articulate. Sho's raps convey so much meaning and my favourite is "No please back again!". This give so much impacts and it tells us that whoever that man is, he sure desperate to get her lover back. The "no no no no..." part after the raps again tell us that man is really enveloped with desperate sadness. Poor guy. I thought the song would end like that but I was wrong. Upon hearing Ohno's humming to the melody and ended it so well with the beautiful "I'm so sorry", I was blown away.

3. Asterisk
This is a song that full of autotune. hahah. But I like this style of music. Why? Because of the chorus. I'm so addicted with the "universe...universe.." Right after the chorus, you'll hear once again the full autotune of the five that goes "Come on tokihanate yo..". That part I can feel that they're singing their heart out. So, I favour that part even I can't tell whether the dominant voice singing is Ohno or Nino due too much of autotune. Lol, ;p

You know, the part right after this is beyond amazing where you can hear the techno voices of Sho, Aiba, Jun, Ohno and Nino which come togehter as a one. That is stunning. The part where SakurAibaMiya sing "Breaking down..." in a relax tone after the quick chorus is extremely good! Kudos to the composer who has done a really great job in bringing down the tempo after the chorus. Sakuraps? Well, Sho's awesome as always.

4. Kimi no Yume wo Miteita
What I love about this song is where Arashi put a little quiver in their voices on the first line and third line of the lyrics. Well, it basically begins with Ohno on the first line then continue by the others in the third line. Yes, that quivering voices on the "wa~~", "yo~~", "zu~~", "ru~~" are cute! I'm smiling when they sing that particular lines.

To me, the chorus sound pretty much like a disneyland theme song. It does make you happy in your own dream world. "I will be there~~" Yes, I see you in my dream Arashi XD.

5. One Step

Firstly, who doesn't love One Step? Please enlighten me ;p This song is freaking cute. The sound of the violin at the beginning does make you feel that you're in a banquet hall and waiting for your prince charming to take you by the hands and follow his dance steps. Such a cute song to start with a cute voice of a cute man, Nino. Really. I love Nino's opening.Then, there's the second verse(before the chorus) where Ohno goes solo for "Takushite...", Junba follows suit and Sakumiya right after with their high-pitched of "Takushite". Mind you, they did this arrangement again for the fifth verse to which Sho goes solo this time with "Omoi ga...", follow by Junba next and Ohmiya take the high-pitched for the last "Omoi ga..." Uwaa~~ I'm extremely happy when they have this kind of arrangements. I can't wait for the concert and see how they will perform this.

The chorus is addicting when they kept repeating "One step..." for few times. Oh oh oh, the's Sho who does the whistle! And the sound of the ukelele on certain parts blends together with the whistling add more to the cheerful mood. I'm 100% happy with this song. Yes, I'm delighted when Ohmiya support each other while singing ;) The part where Ohno goes solo and Nino supports him by echoing the same line. Ohno's "Oh..yeahhhh!!" before the last chorus is hmm.. astonishing. haha..I've lost adjective already. Well, everyhting is cheerful about this song.

6. Hope in the Darkness

A western style of music. That's my opinion when I heard it for the first time. The music style is sort of like Coldplay but for Arashi, it's new. This is the song that I definitely want to close my eyes and feel it.
It's a powerful song with a powerful lyrics. When you listen to this song you have the urge to inspire, to motivate, to calm yourself. Yes, this is a motivational song for me. It does give you hope when you're in trouble. This song triggers you to be energetic and face the future ;)

The music is so beautiful. How the music and the rhythm fade at the beginning and it slowly reverbates at the end before Sho comes in. It's just simply a beautiful opening. The best part is when every members mostly has their solo lines just enough for us to appreciate their voices. I'm in love with both Ohno's and Nino's voices because their voices are steady and firm to which it gives us the strong feelings. Aaaaahhh. Jun's solo at the end that goes "Manten no hoshi..." is so tranquil what with it is supported by the gorgeous voices of the back up singers. I feel like to cry when Jun's singing this part.

One word for the chorus: powerful. I'm impressed how Arashi ends the last line of the rhythmic chorus with the slow tempo of "Subarashiki ashita he...". It's amazing ;D

7. Take Off!!!!

I just realised that this is a bonus track written by Sho right after I've finished downloading the album. It's an upbeat song. First time listening and come across Sho's "My fellow Arashians" I'm like "Eh? Did I hear it right?" after that I get my sense and say, "Yes, Sho, that's me!" hahaha...Sho, you're so sweet to compose this song for the fans. Thank you so much ;) I'm anticipating for the concert attendees to sing along the lines "A to the R A S H I". It's going to be epic!

Member's Solo

Satoshi Ohno
Well, honestly I can't choose between him and Sho's solo. I like both solos but I guess Ohno wins because I'm biased like that ;p Oh my, does Ohno's trying to seduce us with his sexy voice? XD Yes Ohno, your solo this time around is full of sexiness ranging from your voices, your sudden "aahhh... stapp", your falsetto of "Mata breakiiinggg..." to your "" to which I thought "" at first. Well "" kind of fitting with the theme lol. I'm hooked on the chorus! Seriously. How Ohno sings "Toraenai mama nozomi.." in a nonchalant sexy voice and suddenly he is like switching to gear 5 and sings in a piercing falsetto of "Nemuranai mama yume...". I love it!

One thing I'm sure about his solo is that his dance is going to be sexy. A real sexy. I mean it. XD

Sho Sakurai
I love Sho's solo like billions times. haha. It's a happy song, full of energy and I feel like to clap along and dance along with him. Sho is good in doing a little quivering in his flat tone so to me it sounds pleasing. That's explain why I like the part he sings "beautiful" and "precious". Sho's choice of words in the chorus especially "Vivid, unique, feeling  good" in one sentence are soo fantastic! It fits well in the chorus ;) The chorus are soo upbeat and the idea of using the choir to accompnay Sho's voice is brilliant! It makes the whole song so lively ;) Can't wait for this song to be sing in the concert too! ;D

Masaki Aiba
It reminds me of Magical Song. This song is so Aiba-poi.hahah. Suits with his breathy voice. "I'm a disco star~~" I guess he's going to perform the song with the kira-kira outfit with a big disco lamp above his head..haha ;D

Kazunari Ninomiya
Nino solo's is adorale. He delivers the song in a haapy mood with the cute voice of his. Oh, please let Nino perform this with a guitar. It's going to be fantastic ;) I realised only his solo doesn't have any or at least a little digital/autotune/techo elements. It's just a straightforward music but Nino sings very well.

Jun Matsumoto
When he starts with "Flash, Spark.." I'm like, okay Matsujun did it again with his random English words..haha.. Jun's solo kind of fitting with his image. The techno, the rhythm, everthing is perfect with this diva. ;D To tell the truth, I love your solo Jun, for this time around. *Thumbs up* From his solo, I like the one that goes "G.O to the L. D." and "B.E. to the A.T". Yosh, as long as I can stomp my foot while listening to this song. I'm okay ;)

In regards with this new album, well, let's put it simply. It's an awe-inspiring album. Good job Arashi for bringing new sense to the album. Arigato~~ ;)

Ja, mata ne
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