03 November 2014 @ 03:07 pm
I've waited for two months to get these goods on hands..Ne [livejournal.com profile] hanamys? ;p
Oh, well its finally here, right in front of my eyes ;D

20141103_111222 IMG-20141103-WA0001

  • It's my first time bought the Jumbo uchiwa, well apparently it's really Jumbo O_o

  • Buying Arashi's clearfile is my fetish...So no complaining! haha

  • The tshirt's fabric is the same with ARAFES '13...Well, it's the same person who designed it right Aibachan?

  • The tote bag..hmm..there's a stroy behind the tote bag but yeah nevermind...The interior is beautiful with the Hawaiian national flower. The interior's space is wide enough to put lots of things inside. From my point of view, it's wider than the LOVE tote bag. The fabric is a good quality too ;)

  • Oh, yes the mug! The mug is lovely~~ I was afraid it wouldn't transform to Arashi's faces but it did!  Even my roomates were very excited when this happened. One of them were so enthralled, took her handphone out and snap this trasnsformation..High five!

                                            *My roomates exclaimed Japan's innovation is always the best!*
                                                                             Lol , it always is! and their idols too!

Ja, mata ne

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