26 November 2014 @ 12:00 pm
34 years old of Ohno's getting old but he's still cute!!  

Today is the best day...

...because it's your birthday ne Oh-chan!
This year of your birthday Ohno, I think it's special after the Hawaii thingy...

Some said tears won't do you any good but in your case, your tears do you good Oh-chan!
Because those tears allow you to express your heart out ;)

Well, celebrating 15th Anniversary in Hawaii did disclose your true feelings about being an Arashi member. I'm delighted that you chose to stay around; to be with the four members and the fans. How thankful I am when you say "I'm truly glad that it was the five of us"

ohno n mmbrs
Though you don't act as a leader-like but I believe the members do see you as their dependable leader. Only the four of them truly know how you lead them in Arashi. It should be us to say "Thank you so much riida for being in Arashi!"

With that...

Happy 34th Birthday Ohno Satoshi!

Look, how you've grown up to be a cute man with perfect talents!

I wish your birthday this year gives you more reasons to smile, to be happy and most of all to be thankful. The thankful part-Yeah, you did show us in Hawaii ;) 34 years of life means there are lots of fans in this world who really love your presence here in Arashi. Once again, Happy Birthday, dear you <3

Ah, birthday wishes is not complete witout the OHNOvember wallie~

He's gettting older yet he's cutie hot!
Ja, mata ne
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