28 December 2014 @ 11:04 pm
Happy Belated Birthday Aibachan!  
I was away on vacation and I missed out Aiba's birthday and Arashi Msta Super Live >.<
Even I was four days late, wishing an Arashi member's big day is a must so...
Happy Belated Birthday Aiba Masaki!!!!!

*You're 32 and still act cute!*

Wishing you to have a great health and to have all the happiness in the world. Being a natural airhead is a bonus to you and a happy pills for us  ;) I hope you kept being a tennen forever and always smiling bright ;D

Alright Aibacember desktop wallie for the celebration~~
*Tennen combi is forever tennen xD*

Okay, okay, off to download Arashi Msta Super Live!

Ja, mata ne
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