05 January 2015 @ 03:28 pm
Yesterday the mailman rang the doorbell and brought me a huge box. I was like "Eh? Don't tell me the goods...Eh? I've not yet received the shipping mail. Eh? Eh?" After signed for the parcel, it turned out of what I was expected, The Digitalian Goods have arrived!! I was so bewildered and happy at the same time. xD Let's take a look at the goods will ya?

I bought basically all of this and my money flow like a river...again ;p
Okay, lets talk about the fanlight first which I called "Kipas lampu" in Malay.haha

The reason I bought this because it got the signatures of the five plus it was the greatest invention by J. So why not?
This "kipas lampu" is in a jumbo size by the way.
The switch was "ON" and this happened under the presence of light...

and this without the presence of light. It's so beautiful and I was impressed of how it turned out like this. No wonder the fanlights during the concert were amazingly pretty. I liked Ohno and Aiba colour though ;)

Next was the tote bag. It became a customary for me to buy a tote bag. I like using Arashi's tote bag everywhere I go.

It looked small in the picture but it was big actually. The contrast between the colour of the text and its background unleashed the simplicity of the design. I called simplicity at its finest ;)

The inside was spacious and suitable for the size of the bag. It's useful and I'm planning to put my record book inside. haha

Off to the pouch! (or rather I called it a pencil case)

I did read somewhere telling that this pouch supposed to be the exact same size of the tissue box? Hmmm...I guessed not since its appeared to be the same size of the pencil case. That's why I called it a pencil case. ;p Yup, planning to be my extra pencil case for the marker pen.

What's next? Teeshirtt~~ My other customary item need to be bought regardless how plain it looked xD

Here's the thing when it came to Arashi's t-shirt.
Number 1:Simple/not so cool design and bad choice of font always came out with a good quality of cloth.
Number 2:The complicated-looked-yet-uniquely-fantastic-design and good choice of font always came out with less quality of cloth.
The Digitalian's tee falls under the first category.
Eventhough the design looked not bad but the font they used at the back of the tee looked so "Arial" which appeared to be sooo plain normal. ;p I wasn't complaining because it gave the other good side to which the cloth's in a good quality. It's strechable and cosy. The same thing happened with the LOVE's tee. ;) No regret of buying it ;D By the way, the one extra cloth circling around the arm and the lowest part of the tee was in purple coloured and I thought it was black during the goods preview. It's a beautiful dark purple actually!

Okay, next item would be...

The 8GB USB!
I knew it was a 8GB pendrive and I could buy the 16GB++ cheaper in Malaysia but well, fangirlism is real because I decided to buy this without a second thought! xD
Planning to put it to good use someday ;D

Let's take a look at the medal brooch ;)
I have no idea why I bought the medal brooch. Hahaha. It was the last minute-thought to buy this. I guessed it was the limited edition item so I just try my luck on what coloured I could get? Tokyo turned out to be red for the medal brooch and red was okay ;D I love how the word "ARASHI" and "TOKYO DEC etc." were engraved on the medal brooch. I like engraving things ;)

Lastly, the group clearfiles.
Arashi usual look of the group clearfile would be like either standing up/sitting down and smiling/laughing happily. Digitalian was different since they were flying? jumping? I don't how to call those movements. haha. Well, it's a new way to pose for the group clearfile. Planning to give these clearfiles to both of my cousins who are the newcomers in the fandom. Thanks for the previous con goods that I've shown, they became fans now xD

Ja, mata ne~~
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