19 June 2015 @ 11:54 pm
Real life push me hard. Working is no joke! The workload just keeps pilling up! (Sorry for the complaint! xD)
Hah! These are the reasons that I almost forgot Neen's birthday. Therefore, I owe Nino an apology. ;D

Happy belated birthday Nino!
*Neen is 32 now and he's stiil not looking like one*

Just wishing you to have a happy life ahead.
and Nino,
Don't forget to take care of your health especially your back.
Don't forget to always trolling loving the other four like you always do.
Don't forget to always create a good melody and beautiful lyrics for your solo and for Arashi's song as well.
Don't forget to always give a snarky remarks in your interview or in Arashi's shows because that keep us smiling and laughing. Oh, we all do love your sharp tongue, bratty Neen! xD
Don't forget to always being a generous humankind to your members and to your kouhai. Please Neen, treat them once in awhile ;p

Nino dear, I know you are little cheapskate but I love you for who you are. ;D

*Nino's month wallie as making up for forgetting his birthday.lol*

Apart from that, its already the second day of Ramadhan (and its going to be the third as I'm posting this) . Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak to all my lovelies Muslims LJ friendssss. Thus, I would like to take this opportunity to seek forgiveness for all of my fangirl-wrongdoings that hurt any of you intentionally or intentionally. May all of us grab this opportunity on this holy month to earn lots of good deeds and barakah. Remember, please complete your fasting and don’t ever try to ponteng! Hahah *its impossible for us girls, I know* but hey I did a complete full fasting last year xD so the percentage of having a full fasting would be like 30% of success ...hahahha

In addition... the merchandise news! Don't want to mention about those waku2 goods because I’m not buying. Eventhough that pouch and the tote bag are very cute and its in BLUEE!! But nope! I have to save up for later. Yeah, that saving is meant to be for the MIYAGIBLAST. (Really?? xD). Shopping bag and the tee are on my must buy item and the HEADPHONES HEADPHONES HEADPHONES HEADPHONES. I want that Arashi's headphones. Really do. And the socks too and the rain poncho too..hahaha (just kidding!) There's no way I will buy a rain poncho! The goods this time around are really making Arashi fans crying for moneyyyyy!! and not to forget our Miracle Aibaby is again the man behind those goods. ;)

And a bonus! Last week, I’m officially graduated. Getting a degree was never easy and what with a master and PHD! I gave may salutation to those who pursued their studies in a VERY higher level *ehem you know who you are* xD. If I was given the opportunity to give a commencement speech I would include Arashi in. Most definitely. My speech would be: “I would also like to extend my heavy gratitude to a Japanese boy band which happened to be really famous. Just so you know people, they are very humble yet acting crazy without shame to which their craziness and dorkiness brightened my college life! And that band is Arashi. I would gladly announce that I survived stress because of Arashi. They are my happy pills. Thank you so much Arashi! You guys saikouuu!” hahaha.

*This is me who is standing beside a freaking drain while holding an Ohchan uchiwa with my graduation robe and mortar board on. Whaaaat a greaattt place to snap a photo! xD*

And that picture above explained the reason Arashi/Ohno have a great influence on my college life. Crazy fangirl is me and I acknowledged that xD. *You never know how embarrassed I was upon taking this picture!” and Yes, I brought both Arashi and Ohno uchiwa but somehow my nephew wouldn’t let me hold Arashi uchiwa and here I was snapping with Ohno's. Had to cover my face because Ohno’s baby face is 200% cuter than me ;D

Alright, that's about it. Till J's month! and Happy fasting minna! ;))

Ja, matane


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