04 October 2015 @ 01:01 am
The subjet of this post is kinda direct. Lol. So are you ready? Everybody???? Off to the goods shall we?

The goods arrived last week. On the 22nd, if I was not mistaken. Happy as I could be as the goods arrival was the same date as the Miyagi Blast concert. However, upon its arrival, I was at my hometown for Eid Adha holiday. I grabbed the hold of the goods once I got back from the holiday.

*Really love how neat the packages were*

*Basically what I bought*

Exterior design of the tote bag. Love the one with the blue-grey background caused it's simple like that. Noticed the small blue-grey pointy handle? Yup, besides, the vintage colour straps, the bag served us with the small handle, just in case we preferred to hold it by hand rather than strapped it across the body or hung it on our nadegata shoulder. xD Oh yes, to be fair, the one on the left has a very good range of fonts and I liked how the sentences appeared "JOIN OUR BIG PARTY & SHARE SOMETHING AWESOME!". It was something that Arashi usually came up with for their summer concert festival. Anyway, it was such a good design. Nice idea Aiba!

The left picture gave you the image of how the exterior design looked like if you wanted to use the handle (the straps were hidden inside). The picture next to it showed the interior of the bag. Not too small not too spacious. I would say it was in a perfect size. It has ample space to keep our stuffs. ;D It also has two average-size pockets inside. You know, just to keep your phone or pendrive or whatever cute little things you wanted to keep inside there. ;p
Teeshirt everybadeyhh!! The customary item that I should buy. I was in dilemma whether to buy both of the teeshirts or to buy only one. However, my bank account at that current moment seemed to compel me to buy just one. So that was how I ended up bought the one up there. *Blame my bank account.*

The tee was actually in a moss green. So it pretty much has it vintage style. Noticed the first and the second picture? Noticed how the random letters blended to form the word "BLAST". How cool was that huh? Aiba is miracle. He's genius, I tell you! xD The back of the teeshirt, again, the fonts appealed me to buy it. The design looked simply merrier and I liked that.

How about the material? The garment was exactly the same with Arafes '13's teeshirt. Its quite thin tho. And it appeared to be light cotton. ;))

Earphone. The BLAST earphone, parteeyy people!! I decided to buy this when the goods lists came out. No second thought needed xD. By the way, isn't the packaging lovely? I know it's just a box of packaging but somehow it looked soo vintage.haha. I loved vintage style. Looked at that Arashi Blast logo on top of the opener, isn't it simple yet vintage? xD

*The instructions is in japanese. How to understand? Just look at the picture will do XD*

*The complete set. 2 extra pairs of earpieces were given.*

I keen to mumble on the earphone design. As you could see, the earphones were designed in Arashi's logo for which it seemed extraordinary from the normal earphone that we had. One thing, it was designed slightly tilt (was it the correct word used?haha.) to give us the comfort of inserting the earpieces into our ears. And of course because of the Arashi's big logo too. In fact, one of the earpieces has the imprint of  "2015 Johnny & Associates". That's standard. :)

How about the sound? For me, its bass earbuds sounds not too bad. Just nice. ;D. I preferred to use them on my phone rather than on my laptop because the bass could be heard clearly from the phone.
I decided to buy the spoon set because it's a new merchandise that Arashi came up with. Its unique by the way. Again, the vintage packaging got my heart. <3.

A spoon and a spork. The spoon had its Arashi Blast details on it and the spork had its Arashi's logo. In hindsight, the set appeared to be in handy if I wanted to eat pasta, sausages, spaghetti or caesar salad. ;)).Thanks Aiba. *Hugs*

"2015 Johnny & Associates" and "STAINLESS STEEL" mark were enrgraved at the back of the spoon set.

Yes, I am a huge fan of collecting Arashi's files. *Blushed*. This time around, the file's cover was a bit different as they have their outdoor shoot. Beautiful~ The other cover has its zig-zag pattern. It's nice-looking but the zig-zag pattern appeared to be a hindrance for the "Arashi Blast in Miyagi" prints. *shrugs*. Regardless, it still looked fab! Congrats Aiba ;D. You are the master of Arashi summer concert designer ;)). *Sends you lots of green loves*

Well, thats about it. By the way, its October already minna!! Time flies so fast~~

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