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A snippet of Botchan!  
Since 3rd of January 2016 is a Botchan day! ;)

*I bought two because both have different translations ;p. My favourite would be the one with the chalkboard*

Botchan is written by Natsume Soseki. I’ve never heard the author before since I never get to read a Japanese literature. Anyway, all thanks to Botchan or Nino obviously, I have the urge to read a Japanese literature. Guess what? I’ve fallen in love with the Japanese literature especially those one written by Natsume Soseki.
Botchan is a novel centralised on morality, humour and sarcasm. The society are centralised more on educators or in other word; teachers. My self being a student and being a teacher can completely relate to the many scenarios depict in the story. This doesn’t meant that the story is much more enjoyed by a teacher but to the people who has ever been a student as well. Trust me, you’re gonna smile for the whole story in regards with the teacher-student relationship.

Who is Botchan?

Its our beloved bratty Neen of course! xD. No, yeah for sure its Nino who plays Botchan. Botchan is Nino. Nino is Botchan. Why would I say this? Because there is no differences between Botchan and Nino. They are the same human with the same attitude. In real life and in the story. Snarky remarks is their forte. ;) Okay now I will tell you who actually Botchan is in the story. The main character is Botchan. Yup, the author just stay with the name of Botchan. Of course he has a name but Natsume Soseki prefers to call him BOTCHAN. None of his name is mentioned in the story. Just Botchan.

Here are the things, Botchan is born to sort of wealthy family. Living with his parents and his older brother to which his entire family hated him for being so naughty. He is a mischievous kid. Really. All sort of things he did; from jumping from a school balcony to completely destroying his family own garden. Botchan is always getting into all kinds of trouble. Botchan acknowledges he gets the naughty attitude from his ancestors. It’s in his blood to his parents’ dismay.

However, there’s one person whom loves him dearly. Kiyo the family maid. She treats him like a prince (that’s probably where the name BOTCHAN comes from) and considers him as her own son. She is so fond of him. Giving him money and buying him stationeries are among the good deeds Kiyo has done.

My favourite part is when Botchan accidentally dropped his purse (that contains the Yen that Kiyo just gave him) into the toilet. You know what? Kiyo picked them up from the toilet using a bamboo stick and she even cleans and dries the purse for him. Botchan notices that the money has a bad smell and the colour has defaced. Kiyo gladly asks Botchan to give the spoil money back to her and she is willingly to change them with silver yen. Awwww…. She always telling Botchan that he could be a great man someday to which of course, Botchan denies. He hates sweet words after all. Lol.

When Botchan grows up, he manages to enrol himself in the university and able to graduate. He got offered the job of Mathematics teacher with the salary of forty yen per month. Actually, he has no intention at all of being a teacher. But in the end, he accepts the offer and his life journey as a teacher begins in Shikoku (to which he expects the town is the same as Tokyo).

On arrival he realises that Shikoku is not as grand as Tokyo. Its actually a fishing village in a remote area. And here is the beginning of his sarcastic remarks. Of course Botchan complaints when things he expected turns to be unexpected. When he arrived at school on the first day, he already gives his colleagues their own nicknames (of course only him know the nicknames).  Among the nicknames are Red Shirt, The clown, Mr. Porcupine, Mr. Pumpkin, Madonna (not his colleague but she has sth to do with his colleagues) . Btw, his best friend is Mr.Porcupine ;)

My favourite parts in the story:

  • Despite his snarky remarks, he is a man with charm. He appreciates what others has done to him especially Kiyo. He feels so grateful to have Kiyo by his side and often exchanging letters when he’s missing her.

  • He is also very helpful and despise hypocrites. Like the one when he plans to help Mr. Pumpkin from becoming a continuous victim of swindlers. He had done a great effort to team up with Mr. Porcupine to make sure the swindlers get paid for what they had done. Btw, the swindlers are among their colleagues.

  • On his first day, he is being forced by his Principal to introduce himself to all teachers at his school. One by one, face-to-face self-introduction. And present his offer letter to their faces. Botchan hates that! Ahaha

  • He loves hot spring very much and often brings along his favourite red towel. He loves to eat soba, tempura and dumplings too.

  • He becomes the laughing stock for his students whenever he gets bullied by them. Always.

  • His students teases him with names like “Tempura Sensei”, “Mr. Red Towel” and they often write on the chalkboard something like “ Two dumplings-seven sen” , “Four bowls of tempura” whenever he enters the classroom.

  • During the night duty, he has a serious fight with grasshoppers to which he thinks the students intentionally put the grasshoppers around his bed. And the agony he faced when the grasshoppers are kept coming. He is struggling very hard to fight with those grasshoppers and of course he is very annoyed to have a tongue-fight with his students when they claimed that they weren’t grasshoppers but locust and the denial that the students made. When everything he thinks has settled, once again the students bullies him just to disturb his sleeping time. Botchan is totally mad at this and of course expect lots of snarky remarks. xD.

  • I love when he express how injustice for the people who has the highest rank to escape the duty. He said something like “They drew large salaries; their hours of teaching were few, yet they were exempted from the duty they should perform. What an example of injustice!” I kinda agree for this one because that usually happens in real life. In any professions. ;)

  • Botchan goes fishing with Red Shirt and The Clown. I am now imagine how Nino acts this one since he is seasick. I love how Red Shirt and The Clown talk bad about him discreetly while fishing and Botchan heard them very clearly and feels like “Meh”.

  • He as usual giving his yet bluntly remarks over a scroll that is being hung up on the wall of a place where Mr. Pumpkin farewell party is held. He mocks by saying that the person  who writes the scroll has the worst handwriting ever and shouldnt be displayed. He later found out from his colleague that scroll-writer is a famuous penman and you know what he said? "Famous person or not, I absolutely wont hung up such trash on my wall". xD Yup, Botchan said it ;p

  • He has the worst landlord whom kept urging him to buy his antics collections (whom also always take Botchan tea sachet) and eventually Botchan had to leave twice before he finally found a sweet old lady as his next landlord.

  • Botchan has smooth tongue in giving all those snarky remarks but he has weak points in talking publicly. He describe himself as a direct person who oftens directly give them snarky remarks whenever that persons pointed out pointless opinions. However, he is unable to talk in public. He feels like something stuck in his throat whenever he needs to give a speech in public. That’s why he has Mr. Porcupine as his partner in crime. You know, to help him if necessary.

  • Botchan usually wears hakama/yukata in this story. So please expect Nino in hakama/yukata.  <3 <3

One thing I learnt from this story is that any action that you did (good or bad) could easily be used against you especially those who has the feeling of envy over your success. So dont trust anyone very easily. Just do what Botchan exactly did; live your life to the fullest and fight against hypocrisy as long as you're happy.;D Well that’s about it from BOTCHAN.

p/s: There are maybe some parts that I've written may not be in the drama. But I do hope the director put all the parts exactly like the one in the novel.

Ja, mata ne
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[identity profile] lapupu.livejournal.com on January 4th, 2016 05:01 am (UTC)
:D okay, this is very random. But I wanted to say thanks a lot! for your post had just triggers my curiosity to read the novel more than ever! :P

p/s: I was actually googling for Botchan gif or any comments from the fans on yesterday SP, which explain why I stumble upon your post here. Huhu. So Hiiiiii. * bow and crawl back into my shell *
[identity profile] chackjayohno.livejournal.com on January 4th, 2016 03:47 pm (UTC)
Hahaha.. Thank you for reading dear ;) Yeah, its the best novel ever. I thought to write more but thinking it would spoil the SP story lines so yeah just a little bit would do. Please help yourself to read the novel. ;D

Oh really? Thank you uncle Google for that! The power of internet ;p
Thanks once again. *pull you out from the shell, waves and say Hello* hahahahahahhaha