17 September 2016 @ 11:21 pm
A review. Just a simple thought on the recent single POWER OF THE PARADISE.

First and foremost, let's talked a bit on the PV. I liked the PV (though it looked like they were filming in green screen). The setting, the sunset view and Arashi cute dancing (well basically they're quite off but who cares?)
By watching the PV you knew they're just enjoying themselves. We loved to see Arashi in their genki mood. I could see Arashi were mostly smiling and laughing at few shots and oh Sho I caught you! You're pressing your lips too much xD. Dont tell me you're trying to contain your laughter?? or are you hiding your shyness for being at the centre most of the time? haha
Well, yeah again the PV was okay minus their outfits but thumbs up for ShoJun tight pants ;p

*Personally heart these shots. Kinda reminds me with Everything PV and the dusk view <3*

*and our riida's missing his Nino much..eh? Lol OHMIYA btw*

Power of The Paradise
This song topped my Arashi Olympics song chart. The other two following behind are Kaze no mukou he and Akashi. Okay let's talk on this song~ The music itself brought you to joy. I think the chorus played a greatest role in making the song as the best cheering song. The part of fly fly fly/cry cry cry was addictive. My favourite line from the chorus would be "Oh chikara tsuyoku tsukami toreyo on your way" Aaaahh these lines were so uplifting and were so spiritual, it made you to surge forward and do your best!
I'm truly loving the part where Sho went "Everything's alright~~" (and the echoed voice of him.ugh. Sho.) and the music behind like it was so peaceful and my heart was on relished when Arashi straightaway sang the part "kodoku no naka shinjita no wa......." and they echoed their voice with "aahh" "aaahh" in between until for heaven's sake Satoshi entered with his angelic hight pitch (T_T). This part evoked the sense of tranquility don't you think so?

Kudos to the composer because I loved how they arranged the lines according to YAMA + KAZE. It's just me to always got the strong image about their relationship when they started the oldest to sing first while the kaze trio will wait fo their turn. Let the two oniisan go first. hahaha. What nonsense am I talking about?

Anyhoo, Neen started their solo lines and Aiba followed suit. Sho quickly entered while you could still listen to Aiba's voice slowly faded behind. Our J's comin' in quick pace and our Riida hit their last solo lines. Well, I liked this arrangement. <3

So yeah, I've got the power now!

花 (Hana)
Hana was amazingly beautiful song as beautiful as its name. We could hear about 5 minutes of the beautiful voices of the beautiful ojisan singing a beautiful song. *clutches heart*.

I knew from the intro that this song was going to be among Arashi best ballads. The intro oh why sooo peaceful? Only the string of guitar and the piano hit in for about 18 secs, the music and then gosh there they are! The beautiful voice of the beautiful ojisan hit in. *cries*

So in love with that strong yet gentle way of saying "ima" and "tada" and not to mention those echoed "ima" and tada" The chorus right, the chorus where they sang the lines "kotoba ja umaku ie nai...miageta sora ni nagareboshi" and "nakushite shimawanai you ni.... kokoro ni kizanda kaori" Omg, please listened attentively to those lines. Arashi sang those lines in slow tempo like they were singing those lines one by one. So gracious! and that "nagareboshi" and "kaori" in which Arashi sang them in a quivering way. I like it so much!

Goodness their solos were beyond beautiful! Jun, omg, he sounded so wonderful. I coundn't believe how he could pull off such a sweet voice. Please listened to how he said "oren~jiiro" I loved it Jun! And here came our Sho and Aiba. Both sang at a steady pace. Good enough to kept along with the slow tempo. Nino entered with his strong yet quiver voice and yup Nino straightaway went for medium-high falsetto! <3 Good job Neen!

Ohno's solo line deserved a bucket of tears! I was waiting for his solo though ( was expecting he would be in the same lines with the other four) but the composer thank you whoever you are for making us waiting. It was worth the wait ;) I didn't know how to describe Ohno's solo lines. No words could describe how beautiful his voice was. Amazingly, how that ojisan sang " sotto egao ga saku you na kokoro ga fureau" in such a low voice but still sounded so gentle so sweet so poignant! I'm crying (T_T) In addition, what's with that quite high falsetto of "kono mama" and that tender voice of "wuuu..wuuu.." .*let me cry in the corner* And I thought his lines were over but he continued with powerful faint voice of "michi no saki he". *sobbing* Okay, I'm done with Ohno's solo. I rest my case. xD

The ending was perfect. The violin,the guitar and the piano. In harmonization, succesfully created such a serene ending for Hana.

So, that's about it ;)

P/s: Have you listened to secret talk? Me smiling all the way hearing their talk & laughing out loud. And Aiba, why so random?? haha Good bless you Aiba! (and thanks to you I could hear Sho and Ohno laughed out loud) lol

Ja, mata ne

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