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JAPAN TRIP (日本の旅) Of Osaka and Kyoto [Part 1]  
On the 5th to 15th December 2016, I went to Japan with my two cousins and two friends. It was actually on a whim plan considered I've started my career and I wished Japan was going to be the first country to visit once I've started my career. XD

Arashi be like "Yeeayy Omedetou!" haha

Hence, I'm delightful to share the places that I've visited on my 11 days stayed in Japan.

1. Japan Railway Pass (JR PASS)

HAHAHAHA. Sorry, I had to laugh because JR PASS was the main reason we're being arguing and debating whether to purchase or not. Mind you people it cost like RM1k. Laughed because money all gone. Alas, we purchased it anyway considering it would be easier for us to travel to and fro from Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Chiba. And yes we would have shinkansen unlimited ride even to Hokkaido *evil laugh*. But of course we didn’t get to Hokkaido because we didn’t have ample time to do so. We needed at least  21 days to travel Japan nationwide. Oh yeah, we can board any JR trains and buses (unlimited ride) with this pass too. Cool deshou? ;)

The pass that's very dear to us five. This was one kind of precious item ;p
Just showed the backside of the pass (right pic) and the guards would let you pass the special gate. Feelin' like a VIP ey?


Honestly, I fancied commercial airlines. Having said that, I'm quite picky in terms of choosing the best airlines to travel long haul. I would definitely consider the hospitality, the free baggage provided, the inflight entertainment, inflight food and beverages (worth Muslims food) and yes of course the legroom. Definitely not AA (haha). So it's whether to choose MH, JAL or ANA. My top priority was ANA since it's cheaper than those two and it has the best service by Skytrax. Unfortunately, I missed the chance to grab the lower fare and the left one available costs us almost like RM 1800 (the same price as MH).

Luck on us apparently when JAL offered a reasonable price to Narita. (Tips: Always checked their online webite). So, with Arashi JAL we fly~

Checkin' counter J we queued ;D

It was a night flight. It means we could sleep all the way to Japan.

PUTRAJAYA at night. Lightful and beautiful.

Okay, let me spam you guys with JAL inflight features. You know how I fancy aeroplanes right? Ikimashou~

The window.
JAL's newest Dreamliner B787-9 offered a wide window with no slide. What? How about if it was too bright during the day? How am I going to get my cosy sleep then?
Lo and behold! See the small button under? That's the button for you to adjust the tint. If you preferred brightness, you need to push the white part and if you're comfortable with the dark tint, pushed the grey part. Settled! We're talking about innovation here, so no more sliding up and sliding down.

Wide touchscreen IFE monitor as well.
If you needed reading but the cabin lights were off, just touched the bulb symbol on the screen and your own personal light would on ;)

Yup! The cabin lights were off for passengers to sleep well.

The seat was slightly bigger compared to other airlines that I'd experienced boarding. I liked the space in between the passenger. Also, they have a hook for us to hang a coat but we hang our personal items. See what my cousin did with her handbag? LOL.

The inflight seating space at another view.

The headphone. It's kinda old judging from the faded logo but hey, it has the best bass okay! In fact, it's red colour. Sho's colour, minna!

The backside of our seat. Three pockets. One net-pocket was bigger than the other. Enough to accommodate our belongings.

Spacious legroom!! Goodness gracious. I love spacious legroom. I heart you JAL!

JAL's flight attendants. Pretty and cute. Loving their modest uniform. I really do.
The one on the left was handing us mineral water before taxiing and the right one was giving us a light snack after take off.

The tray table folded into two. Adjustable.

Suitable for snack and heavy meal time.

Snack time! We received a hot towel first ( of course, that's what we called Japanese ometenashi) and the chicken cheese sandwich?
MOML stands for MUSLIM MEAL and I requested them via online and made a confirmation later on phone.

I chose Kiwi juice. So refreshing. Oh, my other cousin whom seated in front of me told that their tomato juice was super delicious. So if you boarded JAL, give tomato juice a try okay?

Meal time! Right before we landed we were served by this deliciously looking breakfast! Oishii desu!

The safety insctructions and the seating features.

Recognize him? Hello Abe Hiroshi-san ;)

Inflight magazine. Excited to look on the inside?

Jyajyan~ Okay lemme gave a little zoom-in.

My rainbow baes! Sure Arashi would be in the magazine since hey they're JAL's faces.

While I was watching a movie, my friend whom seated behind, poked me eagerly and she urged me to select channel 29 and I was like  "For what?" haha Now I've the answered. Thank you friend!

No more movies, no more manga inflight reading, its about Arashi on loop.

I watched a movie then stopped halfway, listening to Ch.29, paused, watching another movie and listening to Arashi again then stopped for awhile, continued watching a movie and stopped, continued listening Are You Happy? album until the flight landed. hahahaha. The power Of Arashi!

We're reaching Narita soon.

Paddy field during late autumn/early winter time.

Ohayou Nippon!

I would grant JAL with 5 star services. I am absolutely loved all the hospitality that they offered. I am grateful the fact that JAL changed their BOEING 767 to BOEING DREAMLINER 787-9 whch was the newest types from dreamliner. Happy? Yes!

3. Narita International Airport Terminal 2.

International flight mostly landed at Terminal 2. We landed exactly at 6.40 a.m. Settling our immigration and customs we headed straight to the ticketing office. To exchange our JR pass. From there we boarded NEX (Narita Express Train) which was covered by JR Pass to Shinagawa Station.

Japan residential area. Our first view taken from NEX.  Love the red leaves tree.

JR Shinkansen and NEX tix.
From Shinagawa Station we’re heading to Shin-Osaka Station. Seat reservation was made just now and off we boarded HIKARI 509 Shinkansen. Hikari was the second fastest next to Nozomi. It has several stopped before reaching Osaka. So at least, we could see Nagoya City even for five minutes.

Off we go to Shin-Osaka Station. We're going to pass through Nagoya, Kyoto and other prefectures ;)

Nozomi, Kodama and ours, HIKARI 509.

Nozomi 223 Shinkansen was approaching in a fast speed. Talking about punctuality, of course their trains were always on time.
We finally boarded Hikari 509 Shinkansen. The train was really clean, like extra clean.

Cleanliness proven.
They have a coach/car attendant who's selling food and beverages. Her voice is so kawaii saying "kohi, ocha, bento etc". At the end of the car, she would bow 90 degree to us before closing the door. Polite and respectful ;)

I sat beside this one ojisan or ojiichan? to which he's looking like Johnny-san resemblance. Seriously! haha Anyway, he saw me hold my winter coat so he offered himself to hang my winter coat. Aww. Yasashi ojiichan da~

Trying my best not to fall asleep caused I really need to enjoy the scenery. But I fall asleep anyway. Suddenly, I woke up and spontaneously looking outside the window and oh my goodness,  there it was, the majestic Fuji-san. Oh my god it was so pretty. Mount Fuji was looking so kireii under a clear sky.

So beautiful that I got teary eyes. If you happened to visit Osaka from Tokyo, please make a reservation on the right side of the coach. You would have a great chance to see Fuji-san clearly like I did. ;))

Buildings in Nagoya. The train stopped for a few minutes at Nagoya Station. See those yellowish trees? Kireii deshou? Heart.

Kyoto vicinity. Panasonic solar ark. Blur image I know xD

This! A perfect full rainbow. On my 25 years of living, thiswas my first time seeing a full rainbow. *Teary eyes*

4. Route to Osaka

Arrived at Shin-Osaka Station at noo and find the next line for Osaka Station.

Encountered these school kids. Junior high, I think. They were queueing uo to the exit I guessed. They were so kind to show us a peace sign when I'm kindly asked them for a photo. ;D

Upon arriving at Osaka Station, we asked a young salary man about the line that we should take. Quite a handsome gentleman ;p. We headed to the direction that ikemen guy told us and we lost track. We were confused whether to queue at Platform 1 or Platform 2 for Tenma Station. While contemplating, here came our rescuer, one salary man ojisan approached us and asked where were we heading to. He kindly showed us the correct platform for Tenma Station as he apparently headed the same way as us.

That ojisan became friendly and started to have a conversation . I was the one who entertained him since he spoke some English with a mix of Japanese. Oh well, he mostly spoke in Nihongo. So my cousins and friends were just stayed quiet and nodded to what he said. xD He talked to me whether I recognised some Japanese baseball players and he kindly asked us to try washoku. A bubbly ojisan indeed. ;)

We get off at Tenma Station and of course we lost our track again. We've been asking the locals and they kept pointing to the same direction. But to no avail. Guessed we need to polish our sense of direction.

Untill we reached at the corner of a traffic light, there was a cubicle. One ojisan was sitting while his head kept peeking from the cubicle. We saw him but didn’t want to ask figuring out that we can manage the map but alas, we gave up. With some basic Japanese language, I asked him where was the place, he got up, surprisingly, exiting his cubicle office? and showed us the correct direction.

He asked us to cross the street and crossed the zebra crossing again and we needed to turn left at the corner and he pointed at one building at the corner and said "Akumu Akumu" and I was like "Hurm? Nani akumu?" and just realised that green building name is Akumu. Hahhahaha. Didn’t catch that katana tho. That was the landmark given by our host.

We headed to the direction given by the ojisan and you know what, that ojisan waited outside at his cubicle and watched us crossed the street and the zebra crossing until we turned left as told by him. He watched us specifically to ensure we went to the correct direction given by him. Why Japanese people so kind?? T_T We nodded at him as a token of appreciation. Doumo arigatou ojisan <3

We later walked straight and bewildered to where was the apartment. LOL. While looking at the map, there's came another ojisan who's on a bicycle, stopped his ride, get off from his bicycle and approached us to ask whether he could help us. See? another yasashii ojisan.  T_T.  And of course, its me again tried to ask him in Nihongo where the building was and the words  "massugu tte, migi, aka no iro, kono building…" came out from the ojisan hahahahahah.

I was like bow 90 degree to him and responded "Oh oh, haik haik wakarimashita arigatogozaimasu!" That was hillarious when you're only catch familiar words and tried hard to construct the words together for your own understanding. Fortunately, my friend’s cousin spotted the building (she has the sharp eyes) and yeayyy we finally found our apartment. Thank you ojisan. ;)

5. Osaka House, Tenjimbashisujirokuchome.

Our apartment and some residents' cars parked in front of the apartment.

Booked via Airbnb. We loved our Osaka house. Enough to accommodate us five. It was cosy and clean. It was close to JR Tenma station (JR PASS validity), subway, Tenjimbashi shopping street (winter coat so cheap here) and konbini (convenience store).

Our living room and please ignore the scattered luggage. Me is lazy to crop.

The best part was we actually hung our winter coat here and when we're ready to go out, everybody was like rushing on the same spot. XD

The kitchen. It's actually hidden in a closet so we needed to push the closet and tada~there was our kitchen.

All food were from Malaysia. Our first meal after touched down Osaka. Chipsmore was our saviour tho.

6. Universal Studios Japan (USJ)

{From JR Tenma Station->Osaka Station->Universal-City Station}

Loving the way Nihonjins queueing up for the train. They stepped on the feet mark. Very systematic.

The platform.

Spotted our dear Haru on a train window. XD

USJ tix.

The infamous US globe and the main entrance on the right.

USJ, what a theme park! Loving all the rides and the mascots. Cousins and friends were extremely excited spotting The Woody Woodpecker, Shrek and The Minions. They were so busy taking photographs with the mascots. I was busy looking at the map when suddenly felt someone's tapping my right shoulder, thinking that was my friend and omg! That was Princess Fiona! that Princess Fiona, Shrek's wife people Shrek's wife. She tapped me and was waving like “Gotcha! I am the one taping your shoulder” Now I went hysterical and chase her for a photo. LOL.

Friends and cousins. Their happy faces after meeting The Woody Woodpecker and Shrek.

One of the shows. My cousin loved theme park's show so we made a quick stop here.

Terminator Ride.

Spider-Man ride was thrilling. The man in charge of welcoming the visitors greets us and says "Selamat Datang" upon knowing we're from Malaysia.

The Jurassic Park ride was exciting. Suitable for kids as they could enjoy watching robotic dinosaurs. Be sure to have a rain coat or a waterproof coat with a hoodie since you're sooo getting water-splashed by them dinosaurs.


I'm not sure what was the name of this area but this was where the kids would truly enjoy themselves since, hey, they got Snoopy, Elmo, Hello Kitty and many more.

Japanese teenagers with their cute pose in front of Elmo, Hello Kitty and Snoopy.

We also tried to unleash our child inner self so we gave carousel a try! See my cousin's thrilled face.
One thing about this carousel was, they were people friendly, you know, when we queued for our turn, there was this one local family with a physical disability mother ahead of us. The staffs were so prepared and they brought out everything like the equipments to accommodate the mother. That's Japan to you! Respect.

The Amytville Village.

We boarded a cruise and encountered quite lots of sharks and again getting water-splashed by shark. Luckily we've learned our lesson from The Jurassic Park.

The Light Show at night. It's so stunning and lightful. The choir was superb. The christmas tree's looking extravagantz. They're changing colour for a few seconds.

My personal favourite ride would be Harry Potter and Elmo!

The main enrance to Hogwarts Castle. People's flocking the castle since Hogwarts Castle was the famous spot in USJ.

The loooongg queue for Harry Potter ride. Alas, it didn't take us too long for the ride. Talking about Japan's efficiency. That one become our adoration as to how they managed to get the riders to take the ride in a short time.

The way to Hogwarts Castle.

Hogwarts castle.
We have to store our belongings (that include a camera) in a locker. Hence, no inside photo of the castle. But it was exactly like on the movie. All the talking portraits were there. We found Prof Dumbledore's giving his speech and we waved to him. Lol
The Harry Porter ride was so much fun yet thrilled. I kept saying "Harry save me, Harry, Hermioneeee" while on the ride.
BUTTERBEER~~ It's a non-alcoholic drink. The taste? Umai! And choo amai! A must try drink when you're in Hogwarts Castle. Two Korean oppas tourists saw us drinking and asked us where to buy. See, it's a famous drink here. So gave it a try!

                         It's just a rootbeer like the one in A&W restaurant. We brought the mug back home since it's a souvenir.

Oh yeah,  we performed our prayer at the guest service room. Kindly asked them and they would prepare the room for you. We meet a couple Indonesian guys, they were on their ablution-taking (using mineral water) and ready to perform their prayer at one of the corner, so we told them that we performed ours at the guest service room. It's more cosy. They thanked us for the info. See, helping another Muslim. We're glad to help anyway. ;D

7. Kyoto

{From JR Tenma Station->Osaka Staion->Shin-Osaka Station->Kyoto Station}

Kyoto! My favourite city~ I love Kyoto’s atmosphere. It's all about a traditional view, peace and quiet in Kyoto. We managed to cover around 3 places since we headed to Kyoto quite late from Osaka.

To Kyoto minna! The place where my Satoshi bae spend his teenage life.

HIKARI 468 Shinkansen to Tokyo. The bullet train stop at Kyoto Station for us to get off.
The right picture is SAKURA Shinkansen operated only for Kyushuu area.

Spotted Ohno's long lost brother Fujiwara Tatsuya at Kyoto Station.
Actually there were lots of his ads on every shinkansen's bulletin board.

8. Fushimi Inari Shrine.

{From Kyoto Station->Inari Sation}

Our very first stop in Kyoto. The shrine was located opposite of the station. I managed to take a few photographs with the locals wearing kimono.

            The first entrance of Tori Gate. Look at the sky and the maroon leaves. Hearteu.

Inari Shrine famous with its fox as a messenger. Hence, there were lots of foxes statues in the shrine. Can you spot the fox??

The second entrance to the shrine.

The fox-shaped wishing tablet. You can write your wishes and prayers.

Temizu water fountain. Washed your hands with the water. It has a specific way to wash your hands. The ojisan was teaching some tourists on how to do it in a correct way. We tried it too. It's cold yet refreshing.

Some of the views before we entered the main Tori Gate.

Entrance to the Tori Gate (Right pic)

A zillions of tori gates along the pathaway. Believed those kanji are the names of people who's making contributions/donations to the shrine.
I have to explain that to my cousin before she's insisting me to take her photo.

The red bridge view.

Loving the leaves. My cousin is a nature lover, so I have lots of her photos posing with nature background. Spotted the foxes statues on the right pic? This was my fav photo because of the clean path. Lol and of course the brownish leaves.

Overall, the shrine was so beautiful. We found few Malaysian tourists here. This photo was taken by a Thai tourist. Thank you girl ;D.

9. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove.

{From Inari Station->Kyoto Sation-->Saga-Arashiyama Station}

The residential view taken on our way to Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. You need to walk around 10 minutes from the station to reach the place.


Another shots of a house and few of shops selling souvenirs along the way.

My nature lover cousin was so happy as she got to touch a persimmon tree on our way to the bamboo grove. LOL xD

Yet another shot before we entered the main path. My fav photo of my cousin.

NONOMIYA instead of NINOMIYA. But who cares as long as the last syllable sounds the same. I went frantic the moment I saw this jinja's singnboard. All cousins and friends were front ahead, leaving me behind fangirling this signboard and photo-taking.

What's more irony there's a YELLOW bicycle parked just opposite the NONOMIYA's jinja. Oh fangirl's heart!

You can see one tough otoko's carrying tourists on a trishaw. This was taken in front of the NONOMIYA's shrine.

A very wide area filled with trump of bamboo trees both on your right and left. It was so peaceful.


Photos above are taken at the end path of the bamboo groove. I just happened to like the scenic view, so photo-taking time!

We spend quite sometimes here strolling around. At the station, we opened our bento and took a rest, performed our prayers and got ready to Gion! Why Gion? Because its Geisha/Maiko hunting! haha

10. Gion District.

{From Saga-Arashiyama Station-->Nijo Station (subway) -->Sanjo Station}

Taking subway to Gion. Need to walk around like 7 mins before reaching Hanamikoji dori, Gion.

I loveeeedd Gion! Even we didn’t manage to catch a glimpse of a geisha or a maiko but we're satisfied enough to see the Gion district. Gion was so pretty with the lights and the streets were full with traditional building. Gion was super cold at that time. We letting out a puff from our mouth as we spoke.

Traditional buildings could be seen along the way to Hanamikoji dori.

We went straight along Shijo Street before we turned right for Hanamikoji Street.

Hanamikoji dori. A tourist spot. A spot where you're usually find a geisha or a maiko walking to work. Sadly, we're arrived past 8 o'clock at night and most the shops/restaurants were closed. At that time usually, those geishas and maikos would walk to their workplace but the luck was not on us apparently. Therefore, it would be good for you to enjoy the scenic view of Hanamikoji dori at daytime. Lesson learned, came to Hanamikoji at day time ;)

On our way back to the station, we have a quick stop at the drug store because friend of mine need to buy a hand warmer (super cold in Kyoto) and together we searched inside the store and look at what I found first:

Aiba-chan~ haha

We returned to Osaka around 10 p.m. with JR train and shinkansen. All five of us were exhausted and straigh to bed after taking a shower and performed our prayers. ;D

11. Osaka City.

We bought Osaka Amazing Pass for us to visit the tourist attraction around Osaka. It costs like 2300 yen for 1-Day Pass. We bought the pass at Osaka Station.

12. Osaka City (Osaka Station)

This was where the cold breeze hit us. Soo freaking cold. Haha. We were just having our late evening strolling around Osaka Station.


We stopped by at Yodobashi Mall for a window shopping and entered Grand Front Osaka as well. On our way back, we have our five minutes stopped at 7E and ta-da, found our rainbow boys with their senpai Tokio on a magazine cover. Fangirling mode on!

13. Osaka Museum of House and Living.

Located very near to our apartment, only five minutes walked.

Taking our usual morning walk to the museum. Osaka people love to ride a bicycle.

Osaka Manhole cover with Osaka Castle as the main art. We found lots of these along the way to the museum.

Pachinko~!! See those ojisans so immersed with the slot.

Primary kids on their field trip, I think. Kawaii~ and their sensei mo, chou kawaii~~ haha

So this was the alley where five of us went to and fro from the Tenma Station to our apartment. The museum's located somewhere on the left.

Found Sho's on one of the drug stores at the alley. I asked a permission from the store guy "sasshin totte ii desuka?" He was like "Ah, iiyo, douzo~" ;D He must be wondering, a gaijin Arashi fan kana~.
So, the museum's in a building. You need to go down the stairs and taking an elevator. We showed them our Osaka Amazing Pass to get through. The staffs were so friendly. There were couples of staffs like so amazed with us and they were trying so hard to match the kimono with our scarves. We rented a kimono for like 30 minutes for 600 yen. Cheaper price so far.

Taken by one kind ojisan when he saw us struggling to take a wefie. Haha.

14. HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel. 

{From Tenma Station-->Osaka Station}

We get off at Osaka Station and walked 7 minutes to the place where HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel located. We asked a security guard where the place was and he pointed us to some buildings (above photo), said "aka,aka" (read: red, red)  and there it was, our direction. LOL. Based on the direction given, we headed to the "aka aka" building. xD


Osaka City in the morning. Taken on our journey to the aka iro building. ;D

Osaka Station on daylight.

We entered some kind of mall? I couldn't remember but it looked like a mall to me ;p.

So this mall was the way to the "aka, aka" building. hehe

And we found that Ferris Wheel. *clap, clap*

That ferris wheel's in a building! Kakkoii!

The Ferris Wheel's located in between of the building. It's a shopping mall actually.

Osaka City's view from the ferris Wheel. There's a speaker provided inside the gondola, you know for you to listen to your own music. Connect the usb cable and played your jam.

Osaka Station's train railways from atop.

15. UMEDA Sky Building.

There's an information counter located on the ground floor of the mall. We asked the staff the location of the UMEDA Sky Building and she gave us a printed graphical direction to the building. So efficient! Therefore, we walked from HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel to UMEDA Sky Building. It was like fourteen minutes walk. Hahaha. Not an issue for us. Hey, we’ve been walking almost 20km every day since our arrival in Japan. Thank you Japan for keeping us fit!

The route to the UMEDA Sky Building.

We crossed the road and realised the bulding above was the mall that attached with Osaka Station. It's that Grand Front Osaka building.

KANAYAN! Whos a fan of Kana Nishino? ME!! *Wave hands*
Friends and cousin have already crossed the road while me stopped at the road side, took the above photo ;D

We crossed the road again. Count how many bicycles were there in the photo? See, Osaka people love to ride a bicycle.

Yet, another road-crossing. This was taken before we went downstairs and walk through a tunnel.

Need to walk about five minutes in the tunnel until we met a junction and crossed it to reach the building.

Christmas decorations around the UMEDA SKY Building.

The ticket for UMEDA Sky Building. Covered by Osaka Amazing Pass.

UMEDA Sky Building. We walked into the building to reach the top.

How UMEDA Sky Building looked from the bottom view. Fantastic! Can you see the two escalators? We need to get on that escalators to reach the top. Both their elevators and escalators were no joke. Oh my god, it gave me chills. Sent shivers to all my body.

Once you reached the top, you could see the whole Osaka city.

We asked this one *cough* ikemen Japanese guy *cough* to take our photo.
Well, actually since we saw him carried himself a big DSLR camera and he kept busy pressing the shutter, so we thought him must be a freelance photographer so why not ask his favour ? Hahaha xD

The garden next to the UMEDA Sky Building.

After we exit the building, we took a rest at the small garden beside UMEDA Sky Building. Samui desu~ Then we continued our journey to Osaka Castle.

16. Osaka Castle.

{From Osaka Station-->Osakajokoen Station}

We arrived at 4.00 p.m. something and it's already dusk.

Walked about 18 minutes to the castle. XD

Beautiful line of tress with golden and maroon leaves.

Osaka castle looking majestic.

There was a bridge connecting to the castle.

Again we asked a favour from two Korean tourist girls to take our photo. Then we took theirs too ;)

17. Dotonbori, Namba.

{From Osakajokoen Station-->Shin-Imamiya Station-->Namba Station}

We took JR trains since we wanted to fully utilised the JR Pass. You can opt for subway since it took a short time to reach Dotonbori. Since we took JR trains so yes we need to walk a bit. ;D Keeping fit girls!

I have three main missions in Dotonbori; finding Nino’s salonpas billboard, trying the infamous takoyaki and of course a picture with a Glico Man!

Shinsaibashi-Suji. There were lots of people. Like a lot.

It was so merry. There was some kind of a mini concert. A group of teenage girls were singing (I thought they were Momoiro Clover Z but yeah no.) We were amused to see bunch of young guys and salary men cheering on them while waving penlights. Hahaha. Fanboys detected!

Indeed it was so lively at Dotonbori guys. I would love to come here again at night time. Just take a look at the photos below~


There were lots of shops selling Japanese food.

Photo on the left: The most famous Takoyaki shop (I guessed).


This was taken on a bridge.

I was literally jumping like "Oh yeah Neen! I found you Neener!" One mission at Dotonbori accomplished.

Familiar? To all Nino-wifeys, here's our brat promoting Salonpas!

Glico Man~Yes!

The cruise tix.

We went on a cruise (covered by Osaka Amazing Pass) led by the cruiseman guide, Takahashi if I was not mistaken. We were on a same cruise with a group of Korean tourists. ;)

On a waiting line to get on the cruise.

Another Takoyaki shop taken on a cruise.

Spotted Gakky's billboard while cruising.

And spotted Nino again~

and our Glico man again~

We were so hungry and we would like to eat takoyaki. We found a shop that's Muslim-friendly. Ah, I could not recall the name of the store. My apologies. The waiter was kind and helpful in helping us to get a suitable menu.

The biggest Takoyaki that I've ever eaten in my entire life! Oishii desu yo~

So after that, we went to Shinsaibashi-Suji for a strolled and we managed to find a few souvenirs to bring back home. ;) With that, our Osaka-Kyoto trip for five days ended. Tsugi wa Tokyo desu~

My Tokyo trip will be on a separate post. Well Tokyo is fun! It's where my fangirling mode is activated to the fullest. haha. Part 2 will be posted soon! Thank you for reading ;)

Jya, mata ne


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