30 June 2013 @ 03:47 pm
Wish list for 2013 ARAFES (✿◠‿◠)  

Erk, I know I'm supposed to focus more in real life rather than updating my LJ, yet it's weekend and I got time to spend my weekend reading our rainbow boys' fan fiction and that is how I wasted my weekend again!

So, ARAFES for this year is confirmed by Aibachi and he said the goods are ready! I guess all the Arashians or Arashits have probably listed all the songs that they want to vote ;). Well done Arashians for making Tokei Jikake no Umbrella on the list for last year ARAFES ;D yeay! Before all Arashians create brouhaha over ARAFES which is PROBABLY will be held on 21st-22nd of September (which I got no time for that particular month because I'm-busy-with-practicum-thingy). Therefore, I've listed the songs I want the boys to sing beforehand!  Hopefully...


The never sang song

1) Full of love (Soo want them to sing this!)
2) Intergalactic (This one too!)
3) Over
7) Negai
8) Modori Ame
9) Futari no Kinenbi ni
10) Hitori Janai sa
11) Endless Game
12) Breathless
13) Calling
14) Magic Hour
15) Your Song
17) Joy
18) Mezashita Mira e
 (No.11-13, which I doubt they wouldn't sing that!)

They've sung this song once or twice in the concert

1) Subarashi sekai
2)Waiting For you
3) Cosmos
4) Up to you
5) Once again
6) Sirius (love Nino's opening)
7) Niji no kakera ~no rain no rainbow~
8) Blue (with Sho or Nino plays the piano)
9) Be with you
10) Itsumademo
11) Rock this
12) Cry for you (hope the back flips dance can be seen again!)
13) Palette
14) Aozora Pedal
15) Rock you
16) Voice
17) Tokei Jikake no Umbrella (for the 2nd time yo!)

18) Always

Members' solo

What do you expect? Definitely Take Me Faraway xD

Fly on Friday, one more time pleaseee~~~

Craving to see a harmonica on his mouth, that will go to Hello Goodbye

Niji + piano suits him. Nuff said!

Come Back to Me together with DJxMJ sound nice!

Excitedly waiting to vote is me! Hope my wish list songs made it on the list ;)

Ja, matane

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