30 September 2013 @ 06:01 pm
Hello October ;)  
September comes to an end, indicated that my practicum had ended (btw, it ended on the 20th ;D). Two months of practicum really brought my life occupied with anything related with teaching-for 24 hrs. Pretty hectic months I would say. As a redemption of the two months without entertainment, I spent last two weeks of September with Arashi of course! and some other things that brought my life to the fullest ;) Start from Arafes thingy, watching riida's SP drama as well as Nino's Platina Data to the latest news of the new album called "LOVE". Those last two weeks really made my day and night ;D


a) I was glad Take Me Faraway and Hello Goodbye made on the list! Yatta, finally got to hear Ohno's Itsumademo...!! and get to see Aiba plays harmonica in Hello Goodbye! (IF THEY PUT IT ON DVD).
b) They celebrated the youngest two birthday yo! So sweet~~~ Hopefully they put it on the dvd too.

Ohno's 24hr tv sp drama

Simple. Let the gifs speak for themselves on how they made me...

got teary eyes just by looking the doctor pulled away the string while Ohno enduring the pain.

and also how this second gif made me

almost cried when you're realized that he's gonna leaves this world ;(

Riida acting skills is undisputed, full stop. I salute you with love, Ohno-san!

Nino's Platina Data

I love his acting here! Seriously. He acted the two different role very well. *clap,clap* I don't know but out of his acting in movie, I like Platina Data the most! Surely, he's damn kakkoi in this one. I purposely gif-ied this part just because...

I love the way he swayed his head (Myself repeat this part only for god know how many times!) That brat is effing' hot isn't it?



Sasuga Arashi. A new album "LOVE"  will be released on 23rd of October ;) I've looked on the songs title both for their solos and other songs ;) It's quite endearing. Let's wait for its released ne ;D

That's all!



this geek will return next year for the SP ;) and as Ohno-biased, I am thrilled !!

Ja matane

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[identity profile] fatihahzaidi.livejournal.com on October 1st, 2013 06:56 am (UTC)
hi dear ;)
1. for ohno 24htv sp..yup...surely its really make all of us cried..
2. as usual of nino..he's really an awesome actor..i think its great movie but unfortunately we can't watch it in our cinema ne...haishhh...
3. and yeah...enomoto-san will come back..so excited!
[identity profile] chackjayohno.livejournal.com on October 1st, 2013 04:07 pm (UTC)
Hi back to you! *wave*

Thanks for the comment ;D

Yeah, quite frustrated for Malaysian Arashian when PD wasn't showing in our local cinema ;(

For Kagi sp, excited right! I think everyone cant wait for the next year April 16th to watch this Enomoto guy with his famous hand gesture ;)

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