20 October 2013 @ 03:21 pm
My personal rant on this new album...
Firstly, the awaiting full pv of P.A.R.A.D.O.X is out!  To my surprise,  P.A.R.A.D.O.X inscription did not appear on the screen.Good! I don't need someone to spell peee-eyy-rrr-eyy-deee-ooo-exx to me and who wants those inscriptions to cover our boys' face anyway? ;D. What can I say about the pv?  It's all written here.

Secondly, LOVE album leaked yesterday. I have heard all the songs. Henceforth, these are my favourite songs in the album and a bit review about them.

1. Ai wo utaou is my most favourite of all. Why? I love song accompanied with orchestra ;). It's beautiful. The chorus part "Hey..." made me overwhelmed. The Sakurap was refreshing. When I heard the song, right away it caught my heart ;) and gave me goosebumps. When goosebumps creeping in, it tells you something right? Well, it tells me this is the song that I need to mark as number one ;p. Besides, this song tells me to never look back on and just go forward. Dont give up. "Sail away...tooku e...haruka haruka tooku e..stay, stay~~"

2. Sayounara no ato de. I loved it. Somehow, this song kinda fit for a theme song for anime maybe? The part "sayounara ima...sayonara kara..." kept repeating in my head. Nice song indeed!

2. P.A.R.A.D.O.X.  I love ohno's and nino's high note here. The sakurap made me bite my knuckles because that Sakurap is sexy. The hat they wore in the pv hopefully they wore it on this coming 25th for Msta. Why? They looked good with hat and the move + hat made them looked sexy. >.<

*Gif credit to the owner*

Edit (26/10/13): They didn't apparently but heck, with or w/o hat, they're sexy during the performance and NIno surprised butt moves was too good to resist!

*All gifs credit to the owner*

3.  Rock Tonight.  It's a fun song. The moment I heard "La la la la la la,,," my head straighaway banging. Hahah..soo into the rock mode. This is the song which you want...well me personally to forget everything and enjoy yourself, just dance and head-banging. "Make it make it make it make it loud! loud! loud!"  LOL

4. Funky. When Aiba played it on recomen, I smiled. Smiled of enthusiasm. The intro of the song made you want to tap your feet and dance isn't it? "Ohohoh odore disco night".

The rest of songs, I need to give a few listens to be on my favourite list ;)

Head off to solos, minna~

1. Ohno-Hit the Floor
This is new from Ohchan! Hmmm..personally I need to hear this song few times to adjust myself to this new style of solo. Nevertheless, I'm anticipating for his dance. Must be a kakkoii one I tell you;D

2. Sho-Sugar and salt
I like it. Sho must feel comfortable when sings this. Well rather than sing, I think he raps the most. "I wanna feel love~~" It suits Sho. Rapper of Arashi.

3. Aiba-Yozora e no tegami
Woohooo, Aiba! I'm gladly to say I love your solo. Love,love, love it! Why? The melody seriously suit your breathy voice ;) and I can feel your feeling. Sad feeling.The piano behind the song is beautiful. To be frank, this is my fave solo. Aiba congrats, you surpassed my ichiban, Ohno ;p.

4. Nino- 20825 Nichi me no kyoku
When I first heard the song, I thought of 1992*4##111, his solo for Scene Album. Kind of same. Yes? No? I dont' know. Hmm...this song is okay for me. Endearing.
Cheerful melody. A song for his mother. What a nice son, you brat! ;D

5. Jun-Dance in the dark
Jazzy Jun. I smiled a lot when listening to this."Wanna know my secret? Be quiet baby~~". Oh Jun you always try to lure the ladies with your song isnt it? Sorry Jun, I'm not baited! haha..Well, maybe this song will be grand during concert. You know, Jun, the concert manager master: of course his solo to be exact, must be fabulous.

In a nutshell, Arashi has my LOVE this time! *double thumbs up*

So minna, what say you 'bout LOVE ?

Ja, matane
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