26 November 2011 @ 12:55 am
Ohno's birthday,Yeaayyy!!  
Hello everyone...As this is my first entry, I will make it special because of this person......
                                        Satoshi Ohno
Yes, it is already half past twelve in my country and that means today is 26th of November and that also means that the person above gonna celebrate his birthday and automatically means that he is now 31 years old ne~~~Well, without much further ado, I would like to wish............. 

Tanjoubi omedetou OH-CHAN!!!!

Yatta, it's finally Ohno Satoshi's birthday!!!

How come this person who is sooooo cute

with his pouting mouth *cuteness overload*

can change into this hot and sexy man??!!!

can't believe Arashi's riida already 31 ne~~~
As for riida's special day, I've made picture collage of him..ta~da!!!

Another one~~~~

Well, once again HapPy birtHDaY OHCHAN!!!

You will always look younger for me forever and ever...lol!!
May god bless you and may you achieve your dream =D
Stay healthy and genki okay <3
Ja, matane ;)

btw, if you want to take the picture collages above, you can take it as long as you credit me ;)   

p/s: ignore the grammatical errors or whatsoever...hehehehehe =p
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