Exam has ended and holiday has started, so it is time to return hometown and be prepared to have fun! One month and a half is going to be filled with five-coloured rainbow. Yup, definitely.

Upon arriving home, this was what waited in my room. Perfectly wrapped: ARAFES'13 goods. I know I was late to update 'bout Arafes goods (since Arashians [especially international fans] were over the moon waiting for their LOVE goods and some might have received their goods) but still I waited almost two months to meet eye to eye with these packages. Thanks to my mother who was willing to pick them up and take a very good care of them. Also, to the sellers. I thank you guys. *bow*
20131114_005038 20131114_010604
My mother even suggested me to take picture of those packages latter she said "Is this the smallest package that you can get?" while pointing to the white package at the back. Wow "mak", how  supportive and sarcastic you can be? Hahaha "mak" I love you.
I ain't regret purchased the key cover set. I love how "The festival with our big love and thank you" was engraved on the steel ring and also at the back of the Arashi's logo. Its legible and pretty!
Its useful too! Straightaway I tried them with my house key. The one on the left is the first trial but after reading the instruction, the correct way to use it is the one on the right. Dou demo ii, both ways can be used as long as the key stuck at the Arashi logo ;p Oh yes, the bead cushion is full of plushness and made you want to cuddle it every time before you sleep. Seriously. No regret buying that too! ;)

Reaching home after two months means that I watched VS Arashi for the first time on 8TV today. I even wonder am I the only Malaysian Arashian who get to watch it for the first time since it was aired on the 27th Oct? Lol. Don't care with the old episode as long as they've been aired by our local TV ;) I enjoyed watching it but still, I prefer the fansub though ;)

One week of Arashi's Brainwash-Project
Kore project, I'm going to make it accomplish! hahah.. Since it is school holiday, my two younger cousin sisters are happily announcing that they will be staying over my house for almost one week. Dush! I've to babysit them since both my parents are working. So, I can imagine that there will be the three of us at home...alone..and do nothing beside eating and sleeping. That's the reason I've created this so called Arashi's brainwashed project. Before they are leaving to my house, my grandmother or rather I called her "Opah" reminded me to teach them some English words or at least make them to read book for the two to have beneficial holiday. I just nodded and smiled sheepishly to her. Little did my "Opah" know that I am going to brainwash them with five-coloured rainbow or lets call it as spreading the Arashi love to both of them. *sneaky me* Apologize to you Opah, but I will teach them some English words! I promise. No worries okay ;)
After arriving home, the first tactic was I asked them to put their luggage in my room, so they'll be seeing some of my Arashi's stuffs on the right corner of my room. One of them know a little 'bout Arashi since she always took my hand phone (with Arashi wallpaper of course) every time I went to my paternal grandmother's home. Hence, she barely recalled their names but their faces, she remembered it! So, my task would be easier ;). When she was looking at ARAFES key cover set, she was excited and want one. I said if you want, you can order through me but sorry dear, that key set is belong to me..haha..love her pouting when I said that then I promised to give her one of the LOVE goods ;) Then she tried to remember their names and relate it with their faces upon seeing my last year Arafes poster. With that, she already has her eyes on Nino! The other girl, she is in Sho's side ;D hahah..and today they kept asking me why wont you turn on to 8TV to watch Arashi? How I am going to turn it when it was not 3.00 pm yet? Those two are cute! This evening, the one who has her eyes on Nino was laughing out loud when she was playing with my father's laptop and the curious me trying to check was surprised to see her watching the new VSA episode (which myself hasn't watched it) and that video has not subbed! xD I ask her "Do you understand what they were saying?" Still recovering from her laughing and shake her head "No, but Aiba is hilarious during kicking sniper! and he's the one who kicked the cans the most!"  then I asked "How 'bout Nino?" She replied, "Something wrong with his aiming, he kept missing the ball!" I was laughing with her comments ;D Now, they are watching VSA videos and laughing together and me? Smile of enthusiasm engraved on my lips. Yosh Arashi, you have new fans today! This project did not even reached one week but took only like 3 days? So, project accomplished! Okay girls, since you are now Arashi-baited, tomorrow we are going to have some educational lesson! ;)

OHNOvember with love ;)

Early of November was a busy day for me with study week, exam and everything so I didn't manage to celebrate our riida's special month! Jya, in commemoration of OHNOvember (though November has already on its second half), I decided to set a new desktop background of this ojisan ;) Why this picture? Simple. His smile.His laugh. He's eating healthy food! Just love it <3


                                          Ohno's smiling sheepishly upon realizing he has 8 days left for his Tanjoubi!!

Ja, matane~~
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