11 December 2013 @ 03:38 pm
It's Aibacember for Arashians around the world. There were few good things happened to me in these early days of Aibacember ;)

Buying goods is a serious business when it comes to us, the fans. Some fans are prone to buy all the merchandise and some would choose a few to be bought (That's me xp). Whether we are in a state of richie rich to the state of few-money-left-in-bank, we are willing to take a risk and buying those merchandise. It's compulsory isn't it? That's why decreasing our bank balance is obviously normal for the fans. Hahaha..I take LOVE goods as an example. Shamelessly to say I spent lost hundreds of hundreds (double hundreds means a lot you know) for this goods...and that wasn't included the other goods from their previous and future concerts/events. Omg, that would be thousands of thousands. Yet, I'm almost broke. Crazy right? or it's just me? hahaha
Disregard the money thingy on the goods. I've never regret every cents I've spent on them. Love the boys forever! With that, I shall announce that I received the LOVE goods last Thursday.
Feelings? Ureshiii dayo~~

                        The box kinda in a bad shape, you know after being thrown here and there by the postmen..air mail is so predictable...hahaha but the seller wrapped the goods in super thick wrappers. How many layers I think? Two, three or four? Thanks to her the goods were just fine ;)

This is what I called hundreds of hundreds spent ;p
Yes, the bag dekai desu and the pouch set is pretty. Little did I expect the pouch to appear that big. I give a thumbs up to the pouch ;) Hmm, the bag too deserved a thumbs up. Okay, double thumbs up then! Oh yes, that poster is huge!

Mini uchiwa is mini. Noticed that only Sho is smiling with teeth showing ;) Random Sho.
Upon seeing these my mother said:  "Eloklah, boleh buat kipas ni kalo umah xde karen!"
Hahah, definitely a NO mak xD

Grey tshirt is grey. This plain con tshirt is unexpectedly soft, thick and stretchable. Yes, I'm telling the truth. No wonder the design was quite plain because the good side laid on the garment itself. Not to compare but LOVE tshirt is my top preference in terms of cloth quality compare to others. Nevertheless, Beautiful World tshirt is my fave so far ;D

Ijou des for my LOVE goods! Now, I'm waiting for my bracelet, group uchiwa and the stickers. They're here!
I predicted the bracelet to be in blue for Tokyo Dome but my prediction imprecise I guess. Apparently, Yellow is the exact colour for Tokyo Dome. Mou ii, yellow is nice since its my niban colour ;p

I just came back from KL. I was visiting my aunty, cousins, nieces, nephews from my mother's side. Last time I'm seeing them was about 10 months ago? Even Raya I could't manage to visit them. Missing them so much! While waiting for my flight, I sat beside these group of obaasan who were totally engrossed in their conversation. Upon hearing their conversation my mouth silently said nihonjin da! I thought they were Chinese. Hahaha. So I was like to ask them "Sumimasen, Arashi shittemasuka?" lol..but I felt it was impolite to interrupt their conversation. Plus with my limited japanese vocabulary and with the honorifics and all, I called it as a no-go. (T_T) There was one obaasan who spoke exactly like Sho. You know the charismatic kind of spoken. Seriously, when she spoke, my mind totally on Sho. From their conversation (eavesdropping is helpful to enhance my limited Japanese language ;p) I guess they were heading to Langkawi Island. Hahah..Who knows right? since they were loitering around the domestic boarding gate area. Apparently, they were lots of Japanese tourists loitering around the domestic area. Well, Welcome to Malaysia!

I managed to complete my Arashi's  video. After a long time I put on hold, I'm glad it is complete ;) They are my favourite songs. I've done few videos these past years but you tube taken down the videos. Consequently, I had to recreated new account. Over and over again. The rest of the old vids will upload later ;)
So here it is from LOVE album. It is not good compare to others but I did my best though xD.

Last but not least a new desktop wallpaper for Aibacember!

This picture is pretty rare isn't it? Daisuki <3

Ja, mata ne!
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