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2015-08-30 05:57 pm

This is MJ. Today is his birthday! xD

To the greatest mastermind of Arashi's concerts,
To the most sadistic diva to whom mascots are his perfect lovers,
To the youngest of five members-band who acted like hes the oldest,
To the perfect man I'd ever noticed to have beautiful lips and eyebrows that lived with the name of JUN MATSUMOTO,
Hereby I would like to express my wish of birthday to you,


Wishing you to have a blast 32nd birthday celebration!
Stay healthy and please be gentle to your four niichan. Dont be so strict ne! hahaha

and yeah, birthday wishes wouldnt be perfect without a picture with my ichi! okay Juntoshi for the waayy~~

Ja, mata ne
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2015-06-19 11:54 pm
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2015-01-25 10:59 am

Sho-kun no tanjoubi ;))

Sho being a queer rapper when it comes to sexy/cool songs. I like queer Sho. Do it more often please ;)

Well, happy birthday to the most hard-working sometimes fail person in Arashi xD. May you find success and pursuit to happiness. Take care of yourself and the other four too like you always do mama Sho! ;)


This is how I celebrated Shonuary with my desktop wallie ;)

Yama pair is so sweet~~
Ja, mata ne
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2014-12-28 11:04 pm

Happy Belated Birthday Aibachan!

I was away on vacation and I missed out Aiba's birthday and Arashi Msta Super Live >.<
Even I was four days late, wishing an Arashi member's big day is a must so...
Happy Belated Birthday Aiba Masaki!!!!!

*You're 32 and still act cute!*

Wishing you to have a great health and to have all the happiness in the world. Being a natural airhead is a bonus to you and a happy pills for us  ;) I hope you kept being a tennen forever and always smiling bright ;D

Alright Aibacember desktop wallie for the celebration~~
*Tennen combi is forever tennen xD*

Okay, okay, off to download Arashi Msta Super Live!

Ja, mata ne
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2014-11-26 12:00 pm

34 years old of Ohno's getting old but he's still cute!!

Today is the best day...

...because it's your birthday ne Oh-chan!
34 years of Satoshi... )
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2014-08-30 10:26 am

Hey J! You're 31 now!!

To the youngest guy in Arashi who is a stoic, a hottie, a concert master, a well-known diva, a mascot lover, a perfectionist, and importantly, a girl's bait, I would like to say...

Happy Birthday To You Jun!!
May God give you lots of such joys and happy ;) Please take care of your four older brothers like you always do!

The obligatory screen capture to celebrate J's birthday~~
Aaaahh..JUNTOSHI is always loved!

Ja, matane
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2014-06-17 01:47 pm

The brat turns 31 :-)

Arashi's brat, Arashi's gamer, Arashi's magician, Arashi's good-looking guy is turning 31 years old today~~


You're turning 31 but you always be Arashi's forever 17 ;D

Wishing you a very happy birthday neen! Wish you to be in a good health too!
Please stay being a brat because that persona always keep us smiling ;D
You're my niban and I love you ;)
though Ohno receives slightly extra loves from me ;p

Yosh! Celebrating Nino's birthday with a new desktop wallpaper~

Just because Ohmiya is full of cuteness!
Ja, matane..
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2014-01-25 12:58 am
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2013-12-24 11:16 am


Your laugh made me giggle,
Your grin made me smile,
Your clumsiness & bakaness on tv made my day,
Your love to the members made me touched,
Please keep being Arashi's moodmaker and the sunshine boy to the fans ;)

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2013-11-26 11:46 am

26th November as it is...

26th November is today. A date to remember for Arashian and a very special gifs are made in commemoration of Ohchan's special day ;D

Dear Ohno Satohi,

Your heavenly voice in singing, ありがとう...

        Your stunning dance moves, ありがとう...

              Your amazing acting skills, , ありがとう...

Your artwork and creativity, ありがとう...

Your passion in fishing, ありがとう...

                  Your hidden talent, ありがとう...

                  Your bashful smile, ありがとう...

                     Your laughing, ありがとう...

          Your shy-surprised-look on TV, ありがとう...

You're being discreetly cute and funny at the same time, ありがとう...

Your appreciation towards the fans, ありがとう...

Your love and friendship to the other four, ありがとう...

You're being Arashi's leader for almost 15 years, ありがとう...

You're born into this world, ありがとう...

Happy 33rd Birthday Ohno Satoshi!

May you have a happy life ahead and I heart you forever ;)
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2013-08-30 12:02 am

Jun is Thirty!

The youngest of Arashi is now 30 years old!


Otanjoubi Omedetou Matsujun ;)
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2013-06-17 04:01 pm

Someone is turning 30 today!


Happy 30th birthday Nino!

May you have an awesome life ahead ;D


and nino dear, this gif is just for you...

with that, you're my favourite brat of all ;)
Ja, matane
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2012-11-26 12:00 am

Riida, 32nd Birthday ;)

The day has come, its Satoshi-kun birthday!!!

                                               OTANJOUBI OMEDETOU RIIDA <3

Well riida, thank you for everything good, funny things that you had done, thank you for being Arashi's leader for all these 13 years and most importantly you will always be number 1 in my heart <3 forever...


Ja, mata ne 
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2012-08-30 10:28 pm

The youngest's turn!

It's 30th August and that means ------> J's special day! 


*Yeah, I know it's my birthday yo!
 Well, Jun, have a blast! Please stay as Arashi's DIVA forever ;)

Ja, mata ne
-The End-
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2012-06-17 12:29 am

It's NEEN turn!! \(^_^)/

Well, 17th of June is marked as a very special date to Arashi's magician, game boy and forever 17 yrs old brat ;)


"Yup, I'm turning 17 29"

Well Nino, have a blast! Please stay cute and bratty always 八(^□^*)

*Wondering how the members celebrate his birthday*

Edit: They suprised him with a cake in Arashi Waku-Waku Gakkou <3
Ja, mata ne
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2012-01-25 11:55 pm


yes..its 25th of January and its very much important date to this person 


Yeah, you're 30 yers old now, keio boy ;) Finally you're joining riida..Yama pair FTW~~~
May success be yours, stay genki always and please stay to produce excellent raps for us :D

Ja, matane...
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2011-12-25 01:25 am

Aiba's birthday!! ;)

Yeah, yeah, I know I was late.Gomen ne. I just came back from a trip with my family and apparently I didn't bring my lappy along with me.Yes, miracle boy, I never forget your birthday, see my default picture? I put it one week before your birthday okay and to make it mooreee special its you with my ichiban, riida ;) LOL.

HAppY BelatEd Birthday AIBA-chan!!! :)

*Yes you're 29 now ;)*

May your wishes come true and most IMPORTANTLY, pleeaassee take care of yourself 
  stay genki always!!! :D
Ja, matane...

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2011-11-26 12:55 am

Ohno's birthday,Yeaayyy!!

Hello everyone...As this is my first entry, I will make it special because of this person......
                                        Satoshi Ohno
Yes, it is already half past twelve in my country and that means today is 26th of November and that also means that the person above gonna celebrate his birthday and automatically means that he is now 31 years old ne~~~Well, without much further ado, I would like to wish............. 

Tanjoubi omedetou OH-CHAN!!!!

Yatta, it's finally Ohno Satoshi's birthday!!!

How come this person who is sooooo cute

with his pouting mouth *cuteness overload*

can change into this hot and sexy man??!!!

can't believe Arashi's riida already 31 ne~~~
As for riida's special day, I've made picture collage of him..ta~da!!!

Another one~~~~

Well, once again HapPy birtHDaY OHCHAN!!!

You will always look younger for me forever and!!
May god bless you and may you achieve your dream =D
Stay healthy and genki okay <3
Ja, matane ;)

btw, if you want to take the picture collages above, you can take it as long as you credit me ;)   

p/s: ignore the grammatical errors or whatsoever...hehehehehe =p