07 June 2014 @ 04:26 am
eyy-meii-ziing!  It's true that it did not make any differences with the previous Arafes's song list but after rewatched the concert for few times, I knew ARAFES'13 was so perfect ;p. The corners that each members produced was such a brilliant idea and that was something we as a fan should be proud of ;D. In this post, I shall present you who is my most favourite corner and some other things in the concert to which it succeeded in winning my heart ;)

"My life is my message" )"Kono subete ga hajimaru Hello Goodbye" )DJxMJ rock! )"Sore wa kitto maboroshi janai" )"Tell me why take me faraway" )

*Done reviewing on their own corner and lets move to some miscellaneous moments that captured my heart ;)
Miscellaneous~~ )


Ja, mata ne...
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Exam has ended and holiday has started, so it is time to return hometown and be prepared to have fun! One month and a half is going to be filled with five-coloured rainbow. Yup, definitely.

Here--->The five-coloured rainbow days are starting with 1..2..3.. )
                                          Ohno's smiling sheepishly upon realizing he has 8 days left for his Tanjoubi!!

Ja, matane~~
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30 September 2013 @ 06:01 pm
September comes to an end, indicated that my practicum had ended (btw, it ended on the 20th ;D). Two months of practicum really brought my life occupied with anything related with teaching-for 24 hrs. Pretty hectic months I would say. As a redemption of the two months without entertainment, I spent last two weeks of September with Arashi of course! and some other things that brought my life to the fullest ;) Start from Arafes thingy, watching riida's SP drama as well as Nino's Platina Data to the latest news of the new album called "LOVE". Those last two weeks really made my day and night ;D

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