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2015-09-15 10:06 pm

5x16 and countings ;))

Gosh been busy with real life. In fact, haze set to worsen here in my vicinity and causing the school to close its operations for one day. But still, it wont get me to forget our men 5x16 celebrations.

Happy 16th Anniversary Arashi!
Thank you for all the crazy antics, awesomeness, and the beauitiful friendship that you five had shown to us! I am more than happy to be one of your fans even me being slightly busy with work commitment now but still I'm trying hard to catch with the latest news from you guys ;))

Keep going to the 17 years and more years to come darlings!!
Ja, mata ne
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2015-08-11 10:16 pm

Of Monday blues, Botchan and Freestyle II photobook...

Loong post~~Beware! )

*This ojisan is so down to earth together with a great artisitc talent accompanied by weirdly wonderful imagination. Yup, thats OHNO SATOSHI, a leader of ARASHI <3*

Yama no Hi <3 <3 )

Ja, mata ne
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2015-01-05 03:28 pm

I considered this as a New Year gift ;D

D.i.g.i.t.a.l.i.a.n. )
The switch was "ON" and this happened under the presence of light...
G.o.o.d.s. )
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2014-12-18 10:36 pm

Dear Satoshi Ohno, your voice is...

Need to share this on LJ because his voice is heaven! Nice compilation of Ohno's solo parts. However, it would be perfect if the uploader inserts his solo from Take Me Faraway, Song for Me, Rain and Top Secret too ;) His voice is nothing to compare and to say that my favourite would be on the 2:40-3:08, 7:52-8:22 and 10:39-10:47.

Ja, mata ne
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2014-11-26 12:00 pm

34 years old of Ohno's getting old but he's still cute!!

Today is the best day...

...because it's your birthday ne Oh-chan!
34 years of Satoshi... )
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2014-10-23 01:13 pm

That one album with the given name; THE DIGITALIAN...

Yeay! Yesterday was the released day of The Digitalian. The Digitalian? Huh..What?? That's my reaction when they announced the album's name. Man, there's no English word for that. Arashi and the random word chosen is a ha-ha. Now, since we fans are aware that the music concepts are more to the digital-side, techno, auto tune, rave music and what else? I'm sucked in stating the music genre. Lol. Well, everyone has different music taste and I'm quite okay with techno sounds because you see, I like Intergalactic. And to know Arashi's trying to bring a new fresh sense to their album with the digitali-sed concept, they should get the praise. Well, have to admit that it's difficult for my ears to handle those digital sounds but if you kept repeating the songs, it will slowly grow on you.

Now off to the review of my most favourite songs as well as the member's solo in the album.

Review's here~~ )
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2014-09-15 06:28 pm
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2014-08-04 10:20 pm

L.O.V.E is what I called pure creativity...

L.O.V.E.L.O.V.E.L.O.V.E.L.O.V.E.L.O.V.E. These five times word of L.O.V.E did not give a fair share to describe how astonished the concert was. Oh my, ARAFES '13 was incredibly awesome and Arashi made a confident move to prove how great they were in producing a yet another incredible concert after ARAFES '13. Fuuuhh~~LOVE concert was beyond amazing. It was an uber-fantastic concert I would say. They were few things for me to say why it was such a super-duper-well-performed-concert-ever ;)

Oh L.O.V.E.... )
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2014-06-13 02:49 pm

The return of Pika☆nchi ;D

Read more... )
                            Who's excited for the upcoming "Pika☆★☆nchi: Life is Hard tabun Happy" ?

Ja matane
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2014-06-07 04:26 am

Oh dear, ARAFES'13 is just so...

eyy-meii-ziing!  It's true that it did not make any differences with the previous Arafes's song list but after rewatched the concert for few times, I knew ARAFES'13 was so perfect ;p. The corners that each members produced was such a brilliant idea and that was something we as a fan should be proud of ;D. In this post, I shall present you who is my most favourite corner and some other things in the concert to which it succeeded in winning my heart ;)

"My life is my message" )"Kono subete ga hajimaru Hello Goodbye" )DJxMJ rock! )"Sore wa kitto maboroshi janai" )"Tell me why take me faraway" )

*Done reviewing on their own corner and lets move to some miscellaneous moments that captured my heart ;)
Miscellaneous~~ )


Ja, mata ne...
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2013-11-26 11:46 am

26th November as it is...

26th November is today. A date to remember for Arashian and a very special gifs are made in commemoration of Ohchan's special day ;D

Dear Ohno Satohi,

Your heavenly voice in singing, ありがとう...

        Your stunning dance moves, ありがとう...

              Your amazing acting skills, , ありがとう...

Your artwork and creativity, ありがとう...

Your passion in fishing, ありがとう...

                  Your hidden talent, ありがとう...

                  Your bashful smile, ありがとう...

                     Your laughing, ありがとう...

          Your shy-surprised-look on TV, ありがとう...

You're being discreetly cute and funny at the same time, ありがとう...

Your appreciation towards the fans, ありがとう...

Your love and friendship to the other four, ありがとう...

You're being Arashi's leader for almost 15 years, ありがとう...

You're born into this world, ありがとう...

Happy 33rd Birthday Ohno Satoshi!

May you have a happy life ahead and I heart you forever ;)
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2013-11-18 12:25 am

1 month and a half with 嵐, family and yeah...嵐 again :D

Exam has ended and holiday has started, so it is time to return hometown and be prepared to have fun! One month and a half is going to be filled with five-coloured rainbow. Yup, definitely.

Here--->The five-coloured rainbow days are starting with 1..2..3.. )
                                          Ohno's smiling sheepishly upon realizing he has 8 days left for his Tanjoubi!!

Ja, matane~~
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2013-10-20 03:21 pm

Let's talk about LOVE...

My personal rant on this new album...
I wanna feel love~~ )

So minna, what say you 'bout LOVE ?

Ja, matane
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2013-09-30 06:01 pm

Hello October ;)

September comes to an end, indicated that my practicum had ended (btw, it ended on the 20th ;D). Two months of practicum really brought my life occupied with anything related with teaching-for 24 hrs. Pretty hectic months I would say. As a redemption of the two months without entertainment, I spent last two weeks of September with Arashi of course! and some other things that brought my life to the fullest ;) Start from Arafes thingy, watching riida's SP drama as well as Nino's Platina Data to the latest news of the new album called "LOVE". Those last two weeks really made my day and night ;D

Read more?? DOUZO~~~ )
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2013-06-30 03:47 pm

Wish list for 2013 ARAFES (✿◠‿◠)

Erk, I know I'm supposed to focus more in real life rather than updating my LJ, yet it's weekend and I got time to spend my weekend reading our rainbow boys' fan fiction and that is how I wasted my weekend again!

Read more... )

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2013-06-23 12:43 am

A.M.N.O.S'S solo ;D

Now, I feel to list down all the members' solo. My top 3 especially ;D    
Off to solo~~ )
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2012-11-26 12:00 am

Riida, 32nd Birthday ;)

The day has come, its Satoshi-kun birthday!!!

                                               OTANJOUBI OMEDETOU RIIDA <3

Well riida, thank you for everything good, funny things that you had done, thank you for being Arashi's leader for all these 13 years and most importantly you will always be number 1 in my heart <3 forever...


Ja, mata ne 
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2011-12-14 02:10 pm


Hello minnasan,
 Although this is my 2nd entry, I decide to introduce myself (I know its supposed to be my 1st but who cares...) kekekeke..Ok, I'm Syida and I'm from Malaysia...I become an A
RASHI fan since 2010..yeah, I'm a new fan of them but still within this one year passed, I've managed to know all about them from their personlities, singing ability, dance ability, concerts, movies, drama, stageplay, I'm going to tell how I get to know them.. douzo~~~ Warning: the entry maybe long!

Well, I am a huge Kpop fan and I'm barely know about Jpop before except KATTUN..yes, I knew them but not so interested to them as I'm soooo into kpop ;)
Then, while waiting for new korean drama from my friend (she's incharged in downloding the stuff) I decided to watch japanese dorama in my hardisk as my last dorama I watched were hanakimi and 1 litre of tears..
                                 *pic from google*

So, I chose to watch
RYUSEI no KIZUNA not because of Nino (where at the time I dont know who he is) but because of Ryo Nikishido as I have watched his acting in 1 litre of tears..So why not?
Then, a mirale happen!
*serious ,cute, handsome deshou?*
                                                                   *pic from Google*

At the beginning of the drama, there is a serious ,cute, handsome guy who was talking about getting revenge about the death of his parents blablablabla..I even not pay attention to his words as my eyes totally fixed on his
serious ,cute, handsome face ;) gagagaa~~~ Of course,  I become excited to watch this drama until the end!! Oh, not to mention that I love the drama ending song as my head keep repeating the words "sora ni kagayaku......." and the verse "lalalalalala....."
The moment I finished watch the whole eps, of course as expected, I Google-ed the casts involve (esp
serious ,cute, handsome  Nino) then I knew that he is KAZUNARI NINOMIYA and members of Jpop boyband  ARASHI...I also knew the fact that OST for this drama are sung by ARASHI, Hmm ok..that is my reaction..then, I started to adore Nino and mark him as my fave Japanese actor list NOT the Johnny boys; ARASHI..

As the days passed, I have my semester break..So, I'm intentionally spend my time at home by watching korean and japanese drama =D as I finished watch one of the Korean drama, I decide to watch japanese dorama, then without thinking my cursor click on the folder entitled MAOU..

                          *pic from Google*

So as I watched the drama, I begin to realised that Nakatsu from Hanakimi is one of the lead role in the drama..I was like kyaaaa~~!!!!
Yeay!!! Toma Ikuta acted in this drama...He looks zetai different from his role in Hanakimi, here, he looks more handsome, manly and macho, I guess? Then, while adoring Toma acting I began to like the one who played the role as the angel devil lawyer, Naruse-san..who is this guy man???? His acting is superb and the way he carries his role as the angel devil lawyer totally affected me okay!! His sad face and melancholy feeling made me feel that way too....conversely, from Toma I give my interest to this Naruse-san (Dont worry I'm still like Toma though :D)

                                                              *major nosebleed*
                                                                  *pic from Google*

Then, I knew, inside of this sad and melancholy feeling of him, there is must be a kind and happy feeling ne?? Yes, it is *point at the pic below*

                                                            *I love his smile here*

Sou, I finished this drama one day only. Yes, the opening song is nice to hear and  like the part (yurari yureru" and "tomaranai...". Ja, without much further ado, I Google-ed about this Naruse-san..I'm glad to know that he is SATOSHI OHNO and  he is Leader of  ARASHI (the group wo I'm not pay attention before)..Wait! ARASHI ??? ehhh~~~Sounds familiar, I scrolled down to look at the members name and "BAM" to my surprise Nino name was there..and I was like nande??? they are in the same group mann!!!  Why I'm not realised this earlier?? *Serve my right* Of course, I googled the MAOU ost song and I was like oh  ARASHI did sing the truth song as well as the beautiful days song..Wow!! Sugoiiiiii!!! Their song were nice to hear ;) and from the truth song the part that I liked as told earlier was sung by riidaa...Kyaa!!! I totally fall in love with his voice (and him of course)..From that onwards, I began downloading ARASHI's pvs and songs as well as their variety shows, concerts, drama, movies etc...(They're awesome ne~~)

Now, ARASHI is part of my life < matter how busy I am with schooling, assignment etc, there must be Arashi stuff that I need to watch for a day :D I mark Ohchan as my ichiban then Nino as the 2nd one follows with Aiba and Sho as the 3rd ones..hahaha..sou, theres no no.4 then Matsujun as the 5th..Sorry Jun fan.. Nevertheless, I like their personlities whether they are dorky, baka, bratty, DoS, and whatsoever because they are RAINBOW who always cheer us up with their colourful colours =D

ARASHI, kimi wa boku no subete sa <3~~~~~~
you guys are my everything~~~~

*Pics some are not mine, so credit to the owner =D

P/s: As always, ignore the grammatical errors or whatsoever :)

ja, matane :D

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2011-11-26 12:55 am

Ohno's birthday,Yeaayyy!!

Hello everyone...As this is my first entry, I will make it special because of this person......
                                        Satoshi Ohno
Yes, it is already half past twelve in my country and that means today is 26th of November and that also means that the person above gonna celebrate his birthday and automatically means that he is now 31 years old ne~~~Well, without much further ado, I would like to wish............. 

Tanjoubi omedetou OH-CHAN!!!!

Yatta, it's finally Ohno Satoshi's birthday!!!

How come this person who is sooooo cute

with his pouting mouth *cuteness overload*

can change into this hot and sexy man??!!!

can't believe Arashi's riida already 31 ne~~~
As for riida's special day, I've made picture collage of him..ta~da!!!

Another one~~~~

Well, once again HapPy birtHDaY OHCHAN!!!

You will always look younger for me forever and!!
May god bless you and may you achieve your dream =D
Stay healthy and genki okay <3
Ja, matane ;)

btw, if you want to take the picture collages above, you can take it as long as you credit me ;)   

p/s: ignore the grammatical errors or whatsoever...hehehehehe =p